“Meet Rama”: Denis Villeneuve to Direct Adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Classic Sci-Fi Novel

Denis Villeneuve is already a powerful name in the contemporary film scene and, only in recent years, has directed the famous “Dune”, “Blade Runner: 2049” and “A Chegada”, perfectly mixing drama and science fiction.

Now Villeneuve has found his next project and will be responsible for the adaptation of “Rendezvous with Rama”, a classic sci-fi novel signed by Arthur C. Clarke (via Collider).

Originally published in 1973, the story takes place in 2131 and revolves around a group of humans sent to intercept a gigantic cylindrical alien spaceship entering the solar system.

Check out the official synopsis below (via Amazon):

“The plot begins with a gigantic meteor hitting Earth and devastating much of Europe, decimating populations and causing irreparable damage. To prevent such disasters from happening again, world leaders and scientists from all over the planet came together and created the space surveillance system, Spaceguard.

Fifty years after this episode, a mission is tasked with unraveling the mysteries of a new meteor, capable of causing even greater damage to the entire solar system. But, far from being just another wandering star in the universe, Rama reveals himself as a sophisticated and intricate construct, full of puzzles that challenge human mind and concepts.
The meeting with Rama is surprising and meticulous when it comes to science. But it is the tale of this journey into space that makes this classic one of the most creative works of science fiction in the world ”.

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While details are scarce, it is known that Alcon Entertainment will fund the project through co-founders Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary are also linked as producers.

“It is one of the smartest works in science fiction; presents as many questions as he can answer and that’s a job for our time, ”Johnson and Kosove said in an official statement. “It’s perfectly made for the brilliant sensibility of our friend and collaborator Denis – and especially made for his love of science fiction. We are also honored to be working with Morgan and Lori.

“Encontro com Rama” is in the early stages of production and is still unpredictable.

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