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But CinePOP, what are the “twists and turns”?

Plot twists are nothing more than those unexpected twists in the storyline of a movie or series, which completely change everything (or almost everything) you have understood about this story so far.

And that is precisely why they are so pleasant: they end up demanding more attention from the viewer, either because they want to know what the surprise is in advance, or because they are in a hurry. to be surprised right away.

Therefore, CinePOP helps you with a list of ten series that bring some great twists and turns for you to dive into during quarantine. But keep calm! We will not reveal any spoilers!


This is one of those series that you can complete the marathon in one day! It’s a comedy starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, created by Alan Yang (“Master of None”) and Matt Hubbard (“30 Rock”). The plot follows a couple, June and Oscar, who lead comfortable and predictable lives in the suburbs of the United States. But something happens and forces them to completely change everything they understand about each other, about life and about love.

The plot twist? Of course, we’re not going to tell you what it is so as not to spoil the surprise, but the grace of the series is precisely in the disclosures it makes throughout the chapters until audiences get the hang of it. finally what is really happening.

Where to watch: Prime Video.

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“The right place”

If you’ve spent the past few years hibernating under a rock and still don’t know “The Good Place”, now is the time! Mike Schur’s comedy (‘The Office’, ‘Parks & Recreation’) accompanies Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), a reckless young woman who dies and goes to Heaven, or Bom Lugar, to lead a quiet afterlife and according to your dreams. So far all is well, isn’t it? Well, not exactly. Eleanor was actually confused and shouldn’t have gone to Heaven, and will have to convince everyone that she is a perfect woman not to be sent to Hell. Will it roll?

The plot twist, if you haven’t already, is one of the funniest on TV in recent years and completely changes what we understand about the story. They even say it’s a harbinger of what happened in real life …

Where to watch: Netflix.

‘Mr. Robot ‘

Social critic, political commentary on consumerism, childhood trauma and unreliable narrator. With this formula, “Mr. Robot ‘accompanies hacker Elliot (Rami Malek), essentially trying to make a better world by destroying a large corporation. Cool eh?

For that Elliot has help, but not all of them are exactly reliable … and that’s where the turnaround lies. I mean, the first one.

Where to watch: Prime Video.

‘Twin Peaks’

Ah, the challenge of understanding David Lynch’s complicated mind, which was probably meant not to be understood at all. Mother of the great mysteries of television, “Twin Peaks” investigates the intriguing murder of young Laura Palmer and uses this hook to debate philosophical and subjective themes. The result is somewhat metaphysical, but of course it also conceals these surprises that leave the audience without knowing or how to react. Ah, the desire to see again …


Mysteries, romances and unexplained cases. In five seasons, “Fringe” has done almost everything in telling the story of Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Walter (John Noble), investigating strange cases in a special division of the FBI. What starts off as another blatant copy of The X-Files soon takes shape when the series, at the end of its first season, reveals the plot twist that leaves you dying to watch the next episode soon.

Let’s remember?

“ The Curse of the Hill Residence ”

We already love a horror story, and when it has a turnaround, it’s even better. The story is based on Shirley Jackson’s book and follows a family who lived in a haunted mansion, and what they have done to all of them over the years. In this plot, the ghosts represent trauma in the best possible way.

The plot twist is precisely in the consequences for the protagonists, but one only needs to look to find out which one. And you are always ready for the second season, which opens this year!

Where to watch: Netflix.


How to talk about twists and turns without talking about “Westworld”? The Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy series created for HBO is an expert on the subject and made its first season a guessing game with hidden twists for audiences.

Production is currently in its third season, and if you love investigating the secrets hidden in a story, this one is for you!

Where to watch: HBO.

‘Sharp objects’

The Amy Adams miniseries is based on the book “ Cutting Objects ” by author Gillian Flynn (“ Exemplary Girl ”) and accompanies journalist Camille Preaker, who returns to her hometown to cover the investigations on the murder of a young woman. She inevitably reunites with her family and is forced to deal with her own open wounds.

Much tension involves this investigative plot, which asks the most basic questions: “Who killed? The plot twist falls somewhere between the middle and end of the eight-episode series, and promises to surprise you.

Where to watch: HBO.

‘The act’

This series tells a story so startling and absurd that it’s hard to even believe it’s a real case. With Patricia Arquette and Joey King, accompanies Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy Rose, mother and daughter in a very loving relationship. The girl has several illnesses, and their story touches friends, neighbors, doctors and the press. But … not everything is as it seems.

Are you curious? If you still don’t know the real case, or even if you do, hurry and take a look!

Where to watch: Starz Play.


We even tried to make a list of shows with great twists and turns without mentioning Lost, but it didn’t work. The stories of Oceanic 815 survivors trying to leave a mysterious island are practically the queen of unexpected twists and have become a milestone in television history when it comes to mystery building. And here, the twists are everywhere! How not to love?

Where to watch: Clarovideo.

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