Meet the Netflix thriller that traumatizes subscribers

The Netflix catalog is quite extensive among the different genres offered by the platform, and often good titles end up going unnoticed.

One is the thriller ‘Kidnapping Stella’, available since July 2019.

However, audiences have been commenting on the feature a lot lately due to its tense, cold, and painful plot.

Written and directed by Thomas Sieben in 2019, the German feature film is a remake of “ The Disappearance of Alice Creed ”, a British thriller directed ten years earlier by J. Blakeson, screenwriter of “ I Care ”.

In the plot, the young woman who gives the title to the film remains in a private prison of a couple of bandits, but ends up developing a strange bond with one of them, which leads to a very unlikely result. .

Prevented from eating on his own or even doing his physiological needs without being watched, the character experienced by Jella Haase (‘Damn Goethe’) tries to find a strategy that takes advantage of this connection with the kidnapper played by Max von der Groeben (‘Vis Goethe ‘).

And what scares viewers the most is that the plot of the film revolves around a turnaround that gets closer and closer to reality… and it could happen to anyone you know.

Despite receiving only 33% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, the film became an obsession with European audiences in the first week of its release, garnering no less than 18 million views.

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