Metal Gear Solid | 5 characters to adapt in the FILM

The next film in the franchise has yet to reveal the full cast

In December 2020, it was reported that actor Oscar Isaac was in advanced negotiations for the lead role of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, an adaptation of the popular game franchise Hideo Kojima. However, other than Isaac, no one else (until this text is closed) has been flagged as an opportunity to play any other character.

Little plot has also been announced, it is still difficult to say which games will be suitable and therefore which characters can emerge. The confirmation of Solid Snake as the protagonist and the release of concept art showing the Metal Gear Rex confirms that the plot must indeed remain fairly faithful to that presented in Metal Gear Solid from 1998.

Even so, since The Dream is still free to play, below is a list of five characters from the franchise who could appear in the future movie. Whether by participation or in the purest service of the fans.

5) Liquid snake

This is the most obvious possibility of being the film’s great antagonist, if the project faithfully follows the game. Liquid Snake is, at the height of the plot, the leader of FOXHOUND and uses terrorist tactics to threaten the US government. to hand over the remains of its former leader, Big Boss. Otherwise, he could order a nuclear attack anywhere in the world.

Liquid Snake knows all of Solid’s tactics

As their name suggests, Liquid and Solid are considered brothers; which makes Solid’s choice for the mission non-accidental. Liquid Snake also has other plans besides the Big Boss leftovers, more specifically to take over Metal Gear REX; the most powerful weapon in the world

4) Meryl Silverburgh

At first being nothing more than an idea rejected by Kojima that should have been in another game and ended up being used in Metal Gear Solid, the courageous Meryl ended up taking more active contours in the project until ‘to become the Solid Snake duo in an attempt to defeat FOXHOUND. Highly trained, she refuses to take part in the riot carried out by the aforementioned organization and other special forces on a base that holds nuclear weapons, which led to her arrest.

Meryl is one of the franchise’s most striking characters

Eventually, after the incident, she and Solid Snake fantasize about a life together, but it is short-lived because Snake knows he wasn’t trained for it. Meryl would also participate in another game in the franchise, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots which is chronologically the last of the saga.

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3) Kazuhira Miller

Okay, from that point on, a range of characters opens up, not necessarily related to Solid Snake (Oscar Isaac’s character). Indeed, the franchise follows two different timelines: one focused on the past, during the Cold War, with Naked Snake as its biggest protagonist and another in the near future where the one who takes the role of the hero is Solid Snake. In Kazuhira Miller’s case, he plays an important role in both timelines.

Miller was Big Boss’s right-hand man and Solid Snake’s master

From there, with Naked Snake, he founded the organization Militaires Sans Frontières in 1974 to operate in the private security market, becoming a great friend of the legendary soldier. Years later, Miller, after abandoning Kazuhira and confronting McDonald’s, trains Solid Snake to become a super spy. Miller has a pivotal role in at least three games (Peace Walker, Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid) and in the last one he has the function of constant radio support. Your participation in the film is very likely.

2) Boss

This one has no direct connection with Solid Snake but it is of great importance to Naked Snake. Boss was a legendary commander of World War II, whose squadron of soldiers with special abilities led to the Allied victory on the Axis. He is also credited with the birth of American Special Forces and in the lore of the game his name carries immense weight. She was also the master of Naked Snake, having been tasked with recruiting him and teaching everything she knew.

The legendary Boss was actively involved in the franchise’s third title and the maturation of Naked Snake

The character was not introduced into the saga until after Metal Gear Solid, so there is no reference in the game. The film case may be something completely different, even more so if the plans are to create a new franchise; inserting a reference to Boss’s accomplishments in the past and her maternal relationship with Naked Snake would not only enrich the second for audiences, but could also lay the groundwork for a possible adaptation of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a game in which she is one of the main characters.

1) Big Boss (naked snake)

No other character carries more weight in the franchise than Big Boss (title won after defeating the aforementioned boss), or as it was called before Naked Snake. Present since the first title in 1987 as an antagonist figure and since 2005 as the protagonist, the figure of Snake has always operated behind the scenes, where events revolved around him and the characters’ decisions were a consequence of his actions.

Big Boss is the main protagonist of the entire Metal Gear saga and will likely be present in the film

In Metal Gear Solid, only the idea of ​​recovering his remains already serves as the initial catalyst for the plans of Liquid Snake and FOXHOUND. In the previous two games, the experience of dealing with him on the radio and in the possible disclosure of his threat involves immediate disapproval of this figure. However, over the course of the franchise, when his Cold War accomplishments are revealed and the player experiences their take on the facts, what was initially a terrorist villain becomes a much grayer and more tragic figure. Thus revealing the great protagonist of the franchise.

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