Mike Henry, actor of Tarzan, dies at 84

According to Variety, actor Mike Henry, best known for his role as “Tarzan” in the 1966 adaptation, died after succumbing to chronic traumatic encephalopathy and Parkinson’s disease.

Henry died on January 8, but it is only now that the veteran’s family have reported the death.

He was admitted to St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank and had been battling the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for years.

The traces of the disease appeared even in his youth due to the various injuries he suffered while playing professional football in the NFL, the official sports league of the sport in the USA.

Despite his fame as a player, it was in the cinema that he found the great opportunity of his life to star in a series of Tarzan films, including ‘Tarzan and the Valley of Gold’ (1966), ‘ ‘Tarzan and the Big River’ (1967) and ‘Tarzan and the Jungle Boy’ (1968).

He also starred with Burt Reynolds in the “ Smokey and the Bandit ” trilogy, released between 1977 and 1983.

Among other successful works, he participated in the series “Ilha da Fantasia”, “General Hospital” and “The Six Million Dollar Man”.

However, his career only lasted until 1988 when he decided to retire to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

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