“Mila no Multiverso”: finish filming the new Disney + series with Malu Mader; Check out the pictures!

Via social media, Disney + revealed that the recording of the new Brazilian series “Mila no Multiverso”, which stars Malu Mader in the cast, is finally complete.

The production was shot in São Paulo and will consist of eight episodes of half an hour each, slated for release in 2022.

In addition, the streaming platform posted more promotional images of the work.

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– Disney + Brazil (@DisneyPlusBR) December 23, 2021


– Disney + Brazil (@DisneyPlusBR) December 23, 2021

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On her 16th birthday, young Mila receives a device that can take her to parallel universes in search of her mother, Elis. However, she soon realizes that the disappearance of her mother is only the beginning of a dangerous adventure, as Elis discovers the existence of several universes and begins to be hunted down by a mysterious group called “The Operators”. . Mila will have to adapt quickly to the challenges and, with the help of her friends Juliana, Vinícius and Pierre, she will embark on an incredible adventure.

The cast includes Laura Luz (Mila), Yuki Sugimoto (Juliana), Dani Flomin (Pierre), João Victor (Vinícius), Rafaela Mandelli (Director Verônica), Felipe Montanari (Bóris), Danilo de Moura (Domênico), Amanda Lyra ( Ilka) and Mader (Elis).

Julia Jordão is the director of the episodes, while Cassio Koshikumo and Janaina Tokitaka sign the screenplay.

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