‘Minha Vida em Marte 2’: the comedy with Mônica Martelli and Paulo Gustavo will win the sequel

The feature film “Minha Vida em Marte”, starring the duo Mônica Martelli and Paulo Gustavo, is one of recent cinema’s biggest box office hits.

With 5.3 million viewers, comedy is the 12th biggest box office in cinema HISTORY.

In a recent interview with CinePOP, sisters Susana Garcia and Mônica Martelli – director and protagonist of the film respectively – spoke about the sequence and the duo’s new projects.

In the video, Susana reveals:

“Mônica Martelli and Paulo Gustavo enjoyed working together so much, they only talk about it. They already have several projects, including Minha Vida em Marte 2, ”he said.


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Production is set to begin soon, now that Paulo Gustavo has become the king of national cinema with the success of “Minha Mãe é uma Parte 3” – the biggest box office in national history.

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In “Minha Vida em Marte” Fernanda is married to Tom (Marcos Palmeira) and has a 5 year old daughter, Joana. The couple are in crisis and are experiencing the stress and intolerance of the marriage routine, but Fernanda has the unconditional support of Aníbal (Paulo Gustavo), her inseparable partner and companion who is by her side throughout the journey to save her marriage, or end her off. Hannibal is the friendly shoulder of explosions and a partner for all hours.

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