‘Modern Austen’: Jane Austen’s novels to win Warner Bros. anthology series

Jane Austen’s classic novels will gain a contemporary perspective at the hands of broadcaster The CW, who will produce a new anthology series called “Modern Austen”, based on the author’s works. The information was shared by Variety magazine.

According to the publication, the production will reinvent Austen’s books as six separate contemporary stories, which will exist as separate novels. The first season will adapt the classic ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and take place today, in the city of San Francisco.

“Modern Austen” will be written by Eleanor Burgess, who also takes on the role of executive producer on the project. The playwright is also responsible for the reboot of HBO’s “Perry Mason”.

The series will be produced by Warner Bros. Television.

New details will be released shortly.

Jane Austen was a renowned English writer. The irony used to describe the characters in her novels has made her an icon of timeless foreign literature. His great acceptance, even today, has made his works successful that cross the centuries and continue to be objects of university study, reaching a very large audience.

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