Mom! debuts on Netflix | Discover the 10 most controversial films in history!

Controversy is something very special, it can be generated intentionally, with the intention of its cause wanting to attract attention, or it occurs naturally, because it affects class or offends social conventions. Countless books, which dealt with a wide variety of topics, have been censored by the Church over the past centuries and even today such content is prohibited by law. When the idea comes with graphics, things get even worse, the case of the many erotic comics that haven’t even been officially released. And when we see these examples passed through the audiovisual sector, we are even more dismayed.

In the films it is reinforced, since, since the genesis of the seventh art, we have had titles which have moved and even transformed the social structure of certain nations. However, while most of these films deal with sensitive topics such as racism, sexism, and politics, others have drawn attention to ideas so crazy they are almost unbelievable. Sadomasochism, rape, torture, pedophilia and necrophilia, in short, the strangest human experiences are attested by filmmakers around the world, who expose their darkest thoughts. Some are pushing the limits and paying the duck for it.

Out of curiosity, based on the views of these artists and also taking advantage of the release of the controversial ‘Mãe!’ on Netflix, CinePOP decided to put together a list of the features that caused euphoria and shocked the world the most, due to some bizarre and aggressive concepts.

Ah, as you will see, we will not mention any work here, especially that of the Danish Lars von Trier. Not that these were not the cause of comments and disagreements, on the contrary, to emphasize that only one of them would be somewhat partisan, it is better then to remember the subject itself, which, voluntarily or not, has become the most controversial figure in the media. We therefore ask you to also cite in the comments the films that impressed you the most.

10 – Mom! (2017)

“Insane”, “Unlike anything you’ve seen”, “Most controversial movie since Clockwork Orange”. These are some definitions that Mother !, a film by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), starring Jennifer Lawrence, pulled out of those who watched the film on Netflix. Well, it’s also safe to say that this is hard work to digest. One scene in particular, towards the end of the film, will shock many moviegoers. It’s grotesque. And the story generates different approaches, due to the great excess of metaphors and symbolisms. A film that we will talk about for years and years. As confusing and hard to buy the main idea, as the film draws us into a proportion of absurdities, Aronofsky presents the audience with a simple explanation, which makes this feature film a fantastic work. It is an artistic, figurative and provocative film. If you like challenges, have fun!

9 – The Passion of Christ (2004)


Banned in Malaysia and the most Orthodox religious countries, while causing the despair of much of the public, Mel Gibson’s version of the Last 12 Hours of Jesus Christ shocked the world with bloodshed, cruelty and suffering never seen before in this tale. . Countless people left the rooms before the end of the session.

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8 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


When Tobe Hooper did his most iconic work in 1974, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (in the original), he imagined he was creating a horror icon, which would have a relatively average rating because he didn’t bet too much on gore or nudity, but on tension, energy and latent madness. But in addition to taking an NC-17, the film was censored in several areas.

7 – The Exorcist (1973)


Beyond all the mystique surrounding the production, the accidents that happened during the filming and the persecution of clerics with actress Linda Blair – where Warner had to hire security guards to protect the young girl – filmmaker William Friedkin has been accused of using the title for libidinous and satanic purposes. It has also been banned in some towns.

6 – A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Mechanical orange

Many say the film was banned in the UK, and that’s not true (it was in Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South Korea), which really happened, is that in addition to being massacred by critics, this The Excellent Work of Stanley Kubrick has been accused of condoning violence and causing the emergence of several gangs. Irritated by the repercussions, in 1973, the filmmaker decided to prevent the film from continuing to be screened in theaters. But even today, the work gives rise to heated debates.

5 – A Serbian film: Terror without limits (2010)


A terrible film which, due to its intentionally controversial appeal, gained more prominence than it deserved. But it is undeniable how disgusting such a thing is. Lots of scenes of sexual violence, with the most bizarre penetrations possible and something beyond the dark name: a rape scene involving a baby. He doesn’t deserve to be seen, not even out of curiosity.

4 – Nekromantik (1987)


I think the synopsis alone will make you nauseous: “Robert Schmadtke works in a body cleansing company. After a macabre incident, he decides to bring home a corpse in order to make a necrophilic trio with his wife. Things get complicated when a woman falls in love with the dead. “The section brings something from animal cruelty to self-harm. So, in addition to not showing his film anywhere, the director was even sued. sued because of the film The film was forgotten and only appeared years later, in DVD release, conquering the most “followers of the genre”.

3 – Cannibal Holocaust (1980)


“DEVASTATE” was and is the word we hear the most when it comes to Holocaust Cannibal. One of the precursors of found images, this Italian feature film told the story of a bizarre tribe that ate humans and did inconceivable barbarities, such as impaling victims. The director, Ruggero Deodato, was arrested at the time for the crime of obscenity and the film confiscated by law.

2 – Salò or the 120 days of Sodom (1976)


This work by Pier Paolo Pasolini, based on the writings of the Marquis de Sade, has become the most disturbing film in the history of cinema. And not just for seeing shocking scenes of murder, rape and torture, but for graphically bringing out the so-called circle of horrors. In the Circle of Manias, fascists are depicted realizing bizarre sexual desires; in the Círculo das Feces, several young people are forced to literally ingest human excrement; in the Circle of Blood we see prisoners mutilated in every way, until they are executed. In short, not everyone can handle something like this.

1 – The human centipede 1 and 2 (2011)

maxresdefault (1)

There is nothing more obscure, bizarre, and indecipherable than the mind of a psychopath. Also, no torture, fetish or laceration shocks more than a completely sick idea. And that’s where all the craziness of this Tom Six the Insane franchise lies. Just imagine being kidnapped and drugged, having the tendons in your knees ripped off, your mouth sewn into someone else’s anus, and another person having their mouth sewn into your anus, creating a unique digestive tract. Now imagine that this experiment was conducted with twelve people, with atrocities, abortions and cold-blooded murders in the background. Well, there is nothing more to say, I even apologize for the description.

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