Mortal Kombat | What to expect from the game’s new adaptation for theaters?

The Mortal Kombat trailer came out this afternoon and quickly became one of the most talked about topics on social media. After a long time without bringing any news, the movie arrived with a lot of references to the games and some changes in the origin of some characters. Scheduled to be released in theaters and HBO Max, the film looks quite promising. Therefore, we have separated some points that tell us what to expect from the new production.

The origin

One of the coolest things the trailer brings is this scene from an old painting showing Mortal Kombat’s past, confirming that the origin of the tournament is very old and has had alterations worth the fate of Earth. , just like in video games. Maybe this streak will introduce some new characters to the flashbacks.

Changes due to villain

In the games, Jax wins the implants to get stronger and get his long-awaited revenge against Kano. However, in the trailer it is shown that he had his arms pulled in Brazil while on a mission to try and capture the Subzero, who must be the villain of the plot until such time as a higher threat will arise. This indicates that a large portion of the film must be devoted to Jax’s revenge against the Frozen Warrior.

Spirit of vengeance

The main character of the franchise, Scorpion has a lot of significance in the trailer, both as Hanzo Hasashi, a ninja whose clan is wiped out, and as Scorpion, a warrior reborn from hell, a hellish spirit who seeks revenge on those who murdered his family. As one of the most popular characters, he was meant to have more importance in the plot. The trailer says we’ll see flashes of his past as a ninja and his failure to defend the clan and follow his return and historic rivalry with subzeros. And yes, there will be the classic “Get Over Here!”.

Does it become a coat?

Kano was another character to get plenty of room in the trailer, even using his eye laser (which is blocked by Kung Lao, one of the good guys). However, those familiar with the franchise must have been surprised that he trains with Sonya Blade and is apparently one of the heroes. That’s because he’s a classic gaming villain and has a deadly rivalry with Sonya. It’s likely that he will switch sides as the film progresses and ends as a villain.

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In the games, Shao Khan is the Emperor of Outworld and the main plot villain. However, this time it looks like he’s a figure of the past, replaced by Shang Tsung, who appears to be the big threat this time around. Shao Khan, who appears in the form of a statue, has he ever been defeated and now acts in hiding, as if he is Shang Tsung’s Vader Palpatine? Well the point is, another scene shows one of Kitana’s fans on display in some type of museum and Mileena makes two brutal appearances, which leads us to believe their past and the whole story of cloning is touched on. .

What to expect?

Either way, if the film delivers exactly what the trailer promises, we can expect a brutal action flick, full of graphic scenes, fatalities, rampant violence, a silly plot. and competent, moments of terror and a lot, but a lot of fun. Simply put, pretty much everything we liked about games. You can’t charge for Oscar nominations. However, this is one of those films that would premiere take thousands of people to the movies for screaming sessions and fan service.

Mortal Kombat debuts on April 15, 2021.

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