‘Much noise’: reboot sparks controversy by joking about Selena Gomez’s health

The reboot of the classic ’90s teen series, “ Saved by the Bell’ ‘became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter this weekend, but not for the right reasons.

The production has been embroiled in controversy by making a controversial kidney transplant joke that Selena Gomez made three years ago.

In the sixth episode, two characters speculate on the identity of Selena’s donor, highlighting names like Demi Lovato and even Justin Bieber’s mother. In another scene there is graffiti on a wall with the phrase “Does Selena Gomez have a kidney?”

In 2015, Gomez revealed she had been diagnosed with lupus, including chemotherapy. The kidney transplant took place in 2017, a year after the actress quit her career due to the diagnosis and her mental health.

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Trans actress Josie Totah is the main protagonist of the classic eighteenth series reboot. She plays the beautiful Lexi, a popular teenage girl who attends high school in Bayside and comes across as the typical stereotype of aggressive passive girls.

The new version was created by Tracey Wigfield and is featured on the NBCUniversal streaming platform, titled Peacock.

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