“Music”: Sia’s Bitter Autism Movie, 9% endorsement on RT; Check out the reviews!

The first film of Sia’s career, titled “ Music, ” has already made its big screen debut and the production has received severe reviews from the specialist critic, resulting in a rating of 9% bitter approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

By general consensus, the film was viewed as an offensive portrayal of autism and “painfully mismanaged in virtually every aspect”. When it comes to public opinion, the drama only won a 14% approval rating.

Check out the main reviews:

“Sia’s debut film is impossible to watch and offensive.” – Johnny Oleksinski, The New York Post

“A completely wrong mess.” – Mark Kermode, Kermode & Mayo Film Review

“It’s an unfortunate thing.” – Kevin Maher, Times (UK)

Enjoy watching:

“No one involved in this cursed fiasco has simply said no – or not at all – the steps are bewildering. Fortunately, you can tell ”. – Danny Leigh, Financial Times

“A baffling inspirational drama rife with bad direction choices … let’s throw a big wig on this thing and pretend it never happened.” – Adam White, independent (UK)

“Four years ago, a musical genius had something stinky. The fact that she is promoting it so aggressively now suggests that she cannot see or smell what is right under her nose ”. – Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard

“It really is the tragedy of music. That no one has entered Sia’s bubble in the five years it was made. – Kate Mossman, new statesman

The feature film has also been accused of being a capableist (prejudice against people with disabilities), of providing an erroneous and exaggerated representation of a person with autism.

In addition, the production has come under heavy criticism for using an actress off the spectrum to play the role of a woman with autism.

In the plot, Maddie Ziegler – who often appears in the singer’s music videos – sees a young woman with autism, who can only communicate through music. Throughout the production, she expresses her desires, her desires and her anxieties in a caricatured and whimsical way, in extravagant musical epiphanies.

“Music” is co-written by Sia and Dallas Clayton and also includes Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr. in the cast.

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