Nerd Pride Day | 10 movies every young nerd must watch

If you are a millennial nerd, born in the 2000s who got used to the Marvel movie every year in theaters, you are probably a young nerd with a great deal of nerd knowledge, but know that it all started well. before the Avengers defeat Thanos. So on this Nerd Pride Day, here we put together a list of 10 movies every young nerd should watch to cover their knowledge of what entered the nerd world before the 2000s.

10 – Super Mario Bros (1993)

The live-action (at the time, we only called it “movie”) of the hit game “Super Mario Bros” has an adult cast and doesn’t even have a lot of special effects. However, it was a milestone for a generation that had never (or very little) received full adaptations of a video game so beloved. And seeing this pearl of cinema makes it possible to understand the impact it had on young nerds of the time and how productions like this led to the success of the films we see today.


9 – Metropolis (1927)

At the beginning of cinema in the world, there was a film that shook the structures of societies. “Metrópolis” is a German science fiction film that tells the story of the city of the same name, where machine-exploited workers live on one side and politicians on the other. It should be remembered that the launch took place between the wars, in a world sensitized and plunged into poverty. It was also the most expensive production made in Europe until then, and it is still one of the greatest exponents of German Expressionism.

8 – Monty Python in search of the Holy Grail (1975)

Comedy group Monty Python became a major benchmark of the genre between the 1970s and 1990s, and nerds of the time were able to roll around laughing with gems like ‘Brian’s Life’ (1979) and ‘The Sense of Life’ (1983). , but it is “In Search of the Holy Grail” which is the masterpiece of this parody group who managed to tell the story of King Arthur in search of the Holy Grail in a super silly way.

7 – SOS has a crazy game in space (1987)

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This movie lasted so long in the ‘Afternoon Session’ that, even if it wasn’t good, it would become a classic. Parodying the classic cheesy movies of the era, the sci-fi comedy written and directed by Mel Brooks, is purely fun and pays homage to the cheesy world of 1980s youth. Too well.

6 – Dune (1984)

Long before Denis Villeneuve made his version of ‘Dune’ for theaters (which we’re still waiting to debut), there was a classic version in 1984, which adapted Frank Herbert’s science fiction to an era. where visual effects were scarce and difficult to achieve. produce. The result is a cheesy experience, an immersion in the roots of Frank Herbert’s intergalactic world, and therefore must be seen before the new version hits theaters.


5 – Batman (1989)

Considered by many DC fans to be the best adaptation of “ Batman ” for theaters, the classic version directed by Tim Burton brought, in the same film, the Batman, the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin and the Catwoman. ! What today would be a four-production franchise, Tim Burton managed to squeeze it all into one story and it worked really well, so even today it serves as inspiration for directors who transpose the saga. Bruce Wayne in theaters.


4 – Star Wars (1977)

The “Star Wars” franchise today is a complex universe, full of productions, spin-offs, spin-offs and even theme parks, but that was not always the case. There was a time, in 1977, when the journey of Luke Skywalker and his company was only one film, which had the proposal to have two sequels. To understand the full extent of intergalactic battles with lightsabers, it is necessary to go back to the origins and see the first “Star Wars”.

3 – Jurassic Park (1993)

Yes, we do know that the “ Jurassic World ” franchise saved and presented the history of lab-created dinosaurs to the Millennials, and that the “ Jurassic Camp ” animated series is as good as the movies from the franchise, but it’s the original production, back in 1993, that even today makes a lot of nerds feel their hair. The elaborate scenes of terror and tension in “ Jurassic Park, ” added to the incredible realism of robot dinosaurs, were a milestone in the history of cinema and nerdy culture, and deserve and need to be seen. by anyone who feels proud to be out of date.

2 – Back to the future (1985)

The film that marked a generation of nerds – and the career of Michael J. Fox – is one of the classics of time travel. It’s such a remarkable movie that even today nerds around the world want to step into a Delorean just for the fun of it. The name of the main character has even inspired one of the most popular groups of the new millennium: McFly, which bears this name because of the protagonist of “Back to the Future”, Marty McFly.

1 – Matrix (1999)

If you’ve made it to 2021 without seeing the classic ‘Matrix’ trilogy, flip a few houses. It’s probably one of the most important movies of the turn of the millennium, and it’s a real milestone in nerdy culture, because it made us question reality and the imagination in such a tangled way – through Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) – that even today nerds are theorizing about it. And as “ Matrix 4 ” arrives, the time to watch this classic nerd culture is now, Nerd Pride Day.

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