Netflix CANCEL comedy series after just one season

The family comedy series with Jamie Foxx, titled “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me”, has just been canceled by Netflix.

According to Deadline, Foxx himself was involved in the decision to cancel the series. The actor still has a thriving relationship with streaming, with two more films in the works in the coming months: “They Cloned Tyrone” and “Day Shift”.

The series is based on Foxx’s relationship with his daughter, Corinne, who produces the series alongside Alex Avant.

However, specialist critics blew up production, which earned a meager 18% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

Among the top comments, reporters said the jokes were dated and boring, the cast failed to captivate audiences, and even Foxx failed to save the script fiasco.

Discover the reviews:

“If Jamie Foxx is a funny guy, you can’t say that in ‘My dad and the like’.” – Republic of Arizona.

“Brian and Sasha take turns talking to the camera, sharing their perspectives with the audience, but Foxx sucks all the energy out of the room with his exhibitionist performance.” – The Hollywood reporter.

“Bad impressions and bad jokes get in the way of building the father-daughter relationship…” – Chicago Sun-Times.

“With Jamie Foxx highlighting more than one character, it seems like a fun project for him, but not for the audience.” – Ready to cut.

Enjoy watching:

“When it comes to sitcoms, ‘My Father and the Other Vexames’ constructs stereotypes, cartoonish characters, and familiar depictions to try and make audiences laugh. Unfortunately, the results are not proven. – Entertainment.ie.

“Playing daddy in this new Netflix sitcom is the one thing Jamie Foxx fears.” – The Guardian.

Check out the trailer:

A single dad who owns a cosmetics business must learn by force to take care of his teenage daughter, who has moved in with him.

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