Netflix has raised the price! How much does the main streaming subscription cost in Brazil?

Netflix has raised the subscription price of its plans in Brazil again, and subscribers are not at all happy.

With this in mind, we have set up a table so that our subscribers know how much it costs to subscribe to the main streams in Brazil.

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After Amazon Prime Video launched a social media indirect, it was Globoplay’s turn to use the same strategy to attract more users.

On Twitter, the platform’s official page posted a video criticizing the increase in the price of several consumer goods in Brazil, with the following sentence: “At a time when everything is expensive, people are still increasing the price of streaming “.

In conclusion, Globoplay took the opportunity to announce that the price of the service will not change until 2023 for those who are already subscribed and for those who decide to subscribe in 2021.

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– globoplay 🌵 (@globoplay) July 23, 2021

And of course Internet users would not be left out of this indirect newcomer, loving the new “debauchery”.

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How sensational, that… Hahahahahahahaha, suck N… Hahahaha

– Julio cesar florindo (@florindo_julio) July 23, 2021

buried the naughty greedy pic.twitter.com/swES1f0TUd

– jão 😷 (@televijao) July 23, 2021

@simonswilh everyone is laughing at netflix kkkkk

– Jonas Pires (@jonasgervazio) July 23, 2021

Debauchery, gentlemen … CONTINUE !!!!

(And again the call: please take care of the soap operas for the month of August for our sacred streaming !!!)

– Anderson LSP (@ and28011) July 23, 2021

queen glob, nothing else pic.twitter.com/Z9Vs9uA7H3

– Rose to your spitfire! (@forasteiradmim) July 23, 2021


– Juan (17/45) ↗️ (@ maisumbahia1) July 23, 2021

According to Netflix, subscribers will be notified of the change within the next 30 days.

The plan that saw the biggest increase was Premium, which offers four simultaneous screens and 4K resolution. The value increased from R $ 45.90 to R $ 55.90, an increase of over 20%.

Check the value of the plans after the increase:

»Basic package (1 screen): from R $ 21.90 to R $ 25.90

»Standard package (2 screens, Full HD): from R $ 32.90 to R $ 39.90

»Premium package (4 screens, Ultra HD, HDR, Dolby Atmos): from R $ 45.90 to R $ 55.90

The changes have already taken effect.

“We believe people have more choices than ever before and we’re committed to providing an even better experience for our subscribers. From July 22, we will readjust our prices, which have remained the same since 2019. With this, we will continue to offer the best content, between films and series, in addition to a wide variety of genres. From the new seasons of La Casa de Papel and The Witcher in Sintonia, to one film per week, like Justice in the Family, the Rua do Medo trilogy and Carnival. Again, we have multiple packages, starting at R $ 25.90 per month, so people can choose a price based on their needs, ”the company said in a statement.

But what about the question: is it worth continuing to subscribe to Netflix?

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