Netflix invests in CHEAPer subscription plan for mobile phones

According to Comic Book, Netflix has launched a subscription plan in India and Malaysia that allows access to the catalog of movies and series only on mobile devices, with a monthly fee of around $ 2.99 to $ 3, 99.

Due to the success of this service, the streaming platform intends to extend the option to other countries around the world.

At a conference in Delhi, the capital of India, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gave details of the investment.

“If we make amazing content available around the world, people will be willing to pay for it. In the United States, cable TV service costs approximately US $ 75. Here in India, it costs between US $ 3 and US $ 5. In the United States people pay $ 50 for Internet access on smartphones, in India it is no more than 50 cents. The price is very low here and the market is very large. I even think $ 2.99 per month is a very competitive price. “

Hastings previously told The Economics Times the company would be auditioning in other regions, but did not disclose which countries.

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“We will be testing in other markets with conditions similar to India and we believe we will perform well in these countries as well.”

So, will Netflix launch the exclusive plan for mobile devices in Brazil?

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