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Streaming services have grown a lot since its inception over the past decade and have fallen in the public’s liking overwhelmingly. So much so that questions about the threat to the future of cinemas are constantly on the agenda of specialists. Yes, many are putting the end of video rental to the advent of these platforms, and the most pessimistic suffer with the eventual fate of theaters. The year 2020 did not help the cause much, shutting down “the world” because of the pandemic, the exhibition halls were a battered sector, many could not get up.

In this bitter game of fate, one entertainment sector that flourished during the forties was precisely the streaming channels – conducive to watching movies and series from the comfort of our homes. Most of the productions launched in 2020 debuted in such services, and those that weren’t exclusively planned for such formats, were bought by them in order to survive. Is this really the future? So far yes. And here in this matter, we’re going to list the movies from today’s biggest platform, which also turns out to be the biggest producer of original content for streaming: Netflix.

As Netflix is ​​synonymous with cinema today, nothing more natural than our usual article on the best and worst movies of the year should be turned in 2020 towards the original productions of the platform. So we continue this time with the best part of the game. This is the most glamorous doubles list. These are the 10 best Netflix original movies in 2020 (Ps. For effort, we’re taking an average between critics and audience reviews, so that’s not just CinePOP’s opinion). Find out below.

10 | The boys of the group

Based on an award-winning play, turned into a movie in 1970, written by the same Mart Crowley, this remake is produced by Ryan Murphy, currently silver at Netflix. In the plot run by names like Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, and Matt Bomer, a group of gay friends meet for a party in an apartment in the 1960s. Among the guests, a straight friend of one of the them, who does not know the friend sexual option. Apart from this, a game takes place, which reveals secrets between them. For critics, the film brings surprises and a glimpse of its modern and relevant adaptation.

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09 | A Christmas invention

Perfect for the whole family this Christmas, it’s a costume for the kids, and also a contagious musical. Produced by musician and composer John Legend, and written, directed and produced by filmmaker David E. Talbert, the film is a journey through the magic of the holiday season, with grand settings and an extravagant look. In the plot, Oscar winner Forest Whitaker is an inventor who lost his greatest creations, stolen by a rival (role of Keegan-Michael Key). Only one toy created by him remains, and next to his granddaughter (role of charismatic Madalen Mills) will prove the salvation of his business. For critics, in addition to all the attractions, the film still has an inspiring message.

08 | Mank

That eighth item on the list is one with a good chance of coming out with Oscar nominations in the next awards season. Directed by one of today’s most talented and famous filmmakers, David Fincher, the film is the biography of screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, played with great voracity by Oscar winner Gary Oldman. The film aims to reveal the behind the scenes and influences of one of the greatest classics of the seventh art, the masterpiece Cidadão Kane (1941). According to the reviewer, Mank is brilliantly written and performed, and could become a classic in itself.

07 | Detachment of blood

It looks like director Spike Lee has left the dark period of his career behind. So we hope. The filmmaker, rightly so, has been rediscovered by the general public, delivering one prestigious project after another. After the Oscar nominee’s infiltration into the Klan (probably his most popular film), Lee is preparing another success by signing the partnership with Netflix. Detachment Blood is a Vietnam War drama about friendship and brotherhood, and features one of the late Chadwick Boseman’s last works. Critics say the film has fierce energy and ambition, resulting in one of Spike Lee’s most urgent and impactful works.

06 | Enola Holmes

While this has caused some discomfort with Sherlock Holmes trademark rights holders, even in the process of processing, this new product from Netflix has had enough success with critics and the public to pay for all financial transactions. When we talk about successful partnerships, one of the most productive for Netflix has been with daughter Millie Bobby Brown, who after scoring as cute Eleven in three seasons in the Stranger Things phenomenon (with the fourth already around the corner the street), shows that his talent is not lucky, like the main character, the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). And the review was nothing but praise, saying the film brings a breath of fresh air to Baker Street, leaving plenty of room for the young actress to imprint her excitement in a potential franchise.

05 | Rosa and Momo

Netflix and the streaming platforms deserve a lot of praise. One of them concerns the commitment given to international works, which further globalizes cinema. Another is to make room for veterans to play in productions intended for the general public, as they are no longer found in theaters. Here, who returns to the front of the stage, it is the octogenarian Italian muse Sophia Loren. In this uplifting story, a Holocaust survivor (Loren), a merchant from a coastal town in Italy, harbors a 12-year-old black immigrant boy who robs him and develops a friendship with him. Critics here give the veteran all the credit, saying her talent hasn’t diminished over the years and serves to increase the film’s potential a lot.

04 | What remains behind

Social terror was discovered to be a vein in Hollywood. And a strong representative of the already “new subgenre” is the darling Jordan Peele and his films. This is where British filmmaker Remi Weekes follows, writing and directing this, which is his feature film debut. In the plot, an immigrant couple pass the bread the devil has kneaded until they manage to leave their warring country, Sudan, and reach Europe. However, once in the UK, in addition to the local prejudice of being refugees, they will have to adjust to their new home and face new internal, and possibly external, demons. For critics, the film has real scares in every hallway, a chilling look at the refugee experience, and filmmaker Remi Weekes’ impressive debut. Let us let new jobs come.

03 | Chicago 7

We have reached the podium. Bronze among Best Netflix Movies of 2020 is screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s new work as director, following his debut with The Big Move (2017). Based on a true story, the film follows the trial of seven people, with different charges, related to the protest of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, 1968. In mass distribution, Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sacha Baron Cohen and Michael Keaton, among others. Critics praised Aaron Sorkin’s strength of performance and skill with the material.

02 | The call

It was about time, but after Parasita’s immense success at this year’s Oscars, South Korean films fell heavily in the public’s taste for the world. It was like that in the USA, and here in Brazil it is no different. How nice. It is precisely for this reason that receiving the silver medal in the ranking of the best original films from Netflix is ​​a work of the country, it being a terror. In the plot, a connection between two people connects the past and the present, as each is in a different timeline. While not new (twenty years ago we had High Frequency, for example), critics say the film leaves the viewer on the edge of the chair from start to finish, full of scares, blood, violence and twists and turns.

01 | The supreme voice of the blues

According to critics and the public, the one who climbs the podium with a gold medal among the original Netflix productions this year 2020 is The Supreme Voice of the Blues. The film brings together two true performance heavyweights onscreen in a mind-boggling duel: Oscar winner Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman (in his farewell to screens, in his latest work). Boseman plays a talented and abused trumpeter, in this biography of a very important figure in musical, artistic and black history, not only in the United States, but in the world: the blues singer, Ma Rainey (Davis). All in one setting, the film marks the actress’ second collaboration in a text by playwright August Wilson, after her Oscar victory for Um Limite Entre Nós (2016). Bets are for indications for the pair of protagonists. Critics point to the performances and the loving homage to the legend of blues and black culture in general.

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