Netflix | ‘Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark’ – The best anime references to the gaming world

Anime keeps title away from survival horror but embraces frantic action

Without a doubt, the year 2021 has been a big time for the Resident Evil franchise, not only for the upcoming Netflix series and the film reboot, but also for the already released Resident Evil: Village (the new game) and the No Dark Absolute. anime (present) on Netflix); this one which establishes the franchise as a multimedia product more and more distant from the horror proposition of the original game of 1996 and more with the idea of ​​an adventure containing elements of the survival horror proposed by Resident Evil 4.

Even so, No Escuro Absoluto doesn’t appear as a stand-alone work or part of a parallel universe of the franchise, featuring a few references that establish it at some point in the games timeline. Its computer animation style also brings it closer to other previous animations in the saga, such as Vendetta and Degeneration. So check out the references below that caught the attention of gaming fans and Captain America.

raccoon town

The second game in the franchise, released in 1998, is iconic on many levels; it was he who introduced the characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield (a duo who also star in In the Absolute Dark), expanded the scale of the threat posed by Umbrella Corporation to stratospheric levels by featuring a relentless foe like M .X and, finally, introduce the ultimate solution for Raccoon City in its completion.

The destruction of Raccoon City is constantly referenced in the saga.

The city that was originally mentioned only in the first game is overrun by an infestation of zombies (or infected) reaching the state of total anarchy. The solution found by the American government? A short-range nuclear bomb exploded in the heart of the city in order not only to prevent the spread of the virus but also to eliminate evidence of corruption of public officials bought by Umbrella. In this way, triggering the most reverberated event of the saga.


From the moment the plot reunited the White House and Leon, longtime fans saw it coming. By the time the last infected incident occurs, the life of the president in question belongs to none other than the father of Ashley, the infamous daughter of the president who was saved by Leon in Resident Evil 4, has won the hatred of gamers. for her lack of mechanics that she, as an NPC, could display to help the protagonist and for her unforgettable cry for help to Leon.

Ashley was the reason for the anger of many players.

Even so, the most observant viewer may be surprised to realize that the interim US president is none other than the young woman’s father. The rescue mission led by Leon is also constantly referenced as a differentiator in his curriculum.

Tricell Inc.

At the end of No Escuro Absoluto, the presence of mysterious agents identified as those of Tricell is introduced, which may or may not be indicative of a streak. Therefore, the presence of these characters saves another evil company in the Resident Evil universe, this one that debuted in the fifth title of the franchise (with veteran Chris and newcomer Shiva) as a contender. Umbrella which rises after its dissolution.

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At the time, Tricell was deliberately infecting the population of an African country to test new ways of producing biological weapons. Beside them, operating behind the scenes, was Albert Wesker who had until then been the big bad of the games.

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