Netflix subscribers love new Harlan Coben thriller series full of twists and turns

Netflix has quietly released the suspenseful miniseries “Stay Close” in its back catalog, based on the eponymous novel by Harlan Coben.

Streaming subscribers love the production despite the slow pace and full story.

In the plot, the lives of a photojournalist, mother, and homicide detective are turned upside down when a horrific event from the past returns to haunt them.

On social media, followers hailed the plot’s shocking twists and turns.

To verify:

I have completed Netflix’s Stay with Me series, what a surprising story full of twists and turns, I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a suspense and murder series.

– Douglas (@douglas_roger) January 2, 2022

Enjoy watching:

I watched the “Stay with me” miniseries on Netflix, my sister got tangled up !!!! I still think it’s the head of this author to write this script.

– Andrea (@ Lila_dea9) December 31, 2021

How crazy this Stay With Me series from Netflix is.

– Douglas (@douglas_roger) January 1, 2022

It’s strange how bad Netflix is ​​at promoting productions. There is no article on the adaptation of Fica Comigo, a book by Harlan Coben, entered in the catalog yesterday.

– Simone 🐬📚 (@SimoneLopesRP) January 1, 2022

watch Stay with me from Netflix !!!

trigger warning: domestic assault / abortion

– Hot piranha who goes to bed early and reads a book (@Ttda_iza) January 2, 2022

STAY WITH ME Netflix. Mini series. Good for several yyy. Point.

– Young woman ️ (@malupaesbarreto) January 2, 2022

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The series was written by Coben and is directed by Daniel O’Hara.

Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Richard Armitage, Sarah Parish, Eddie Izzard, Jo Joyner, Youssef Kerkour and more stars.

Make sure you watch:

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