Netflix’s Terrir causes phobias and Internet users warn: “DON’T LOOK!

The horror comedy titled “Nurse Exorcist” causes a panic attack among Netflix subscribers.

In the plot, a nurse is hired by a school and still helps people unnoticed, but she hides a secret that can ruin the mental health of students.

While it doesn’t have such spooky episodes, the Korean series causes chills in those experiencing trypophobia, an aversion to images containing holes, tightly grouped objects, and textures with bumps.

For this reason, several netizens warn those who suffer from this phobia, because the series exaggerates the use of elements that provoke the feeling of agony.

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The production is inspired by the eponymous 2015 novel and directed by Lee Kyoungmi.

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Eun-young is a school nurse, always helping people without being noticed. But in the midst of a mysterious and colorful new world, a beautiful and dangerous story will begin!

Jung Yumi and Nam Joo-hyuk are the stars.

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