“Night at the Eagle Inn”: Terror Gets 100% Approval on Rotten Tomatoes; Check out the reactions!

With 8 reviews posted so far, the horror ‘Night at the Eagle Inn’ has earned an impressive 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The general consensus is that the production is well constructed, original and benefits from the excellent performance of its actors – in addition to positively highlighting the outcome of the story.

We separate the extracts from the main reviews:

“It’s a well-constructed and surprising horror film that will appeal to all fans of the genre.” (Modern horrors)

“The general feeling is that ‘Night at the Eagle’ is a cross between ‘Beyond Imagination’ and ‘Hotel of Death’, which makes it a really fun movie to watch.” (THN)

“It’s a classic horror story, with a great premise, solid performances, and an original ending that you don’t see in other current productions.” (AIPT)

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“The fun of bank robbery films lies in the suspense of seeing all the pieces of a miraculous plan come together and, above all, of following the chemistry between the characters. “Army of Thieves” has none of these elements. “(Club AV)

“The staging is superb, with grim moments, dizzying cinematography and clever editing. All the actors are fantastic and bring their characters to life. Literally, what more could a movie ask for? “(Cinematic threat)

“The central story is not original, but it is one of the best cinematic approaches to this type of narrative.” (Eye for cinema)

Erik Bloomquist (“Ten minutes before midnight”) is the director.

Fraternal twins Spencer and Sarah Moss embark on a pilgrimage to a remote Vermont inn to investigate the last known location of their father, who mysteriously disappeared the night they were born. After recording, the strange innkeeper and enigmatic caretaker guides the twins through the institution’s tragic and terrifying history. Wanting to deepen the mystery, Spencer and Sarah investigate the case, which leads them to shocking revelations when the dark secrets of the estate entangle them in a hellish labyrinth from which they must escape before dawn.

The cast includes Amelia Dudley, Taylor Turner, Beau Minniear, Greg Schweers and Erik Bloomquist.

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