No, they weren’t dead from the start | Understanding the end of the Lost series

By: Lucca Torres

11 years ago, the last episode of Lost aired, shocking – and frustrating – many people with its explosive reveal, which ended years of fan theories and ended up becoming a meme of global proportions. After all, did people follow the show all the time to find out that the characters were dead? Well, unlike what has been posted on the internet, the ending makes it clear that they were NOT dead from the start. Check the text.

If you live on the internet, you must have heard of the controversial Lost series ending. Many even say that the ending is very bad because everyone was dead the whole time. What really makes some people miss the show because of this misunderstanding. They don’t even think about starting to see it because they already know the “bad ending”. However, this story of “everyone almost dead” is the result of a false understanding, which has become a false collective memory. Today, even some people who watched the show think everyone was dead since the first episode.

So understand once and for all the true ending of the series and why you should give this TV milestone a chance.

To begin with, we have to talk about how Lost was the pioneering series of theories and discussions on the internet. With each new episode, the online forums exploded with millions of theories and comments. Theories that producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof liked to spark with widely open references in the series itself.

These theories ranged from “the island is a science experiment” to “they are dead and the island is a purgatory”, and the producers always succeeded in sparking these and other crazy theories, but really that of purgatory was the more popular with them.