‘Nope’: Jordan Peele’s new horror hires cinematographer for ‘TENET’ and ‘Dunkirk’

Jordan Peele’s new horror (“Run!” And “Us”) has signed another member of his artistic team.

According to Collider, Hoyte van Hoytema was chosen as cinematographer for the ambitious project. His most recent projects include ‘TENET’, ‘Ad Astra – Towards the Stars’ and ‘Dunkirk’.

‘Nope’, a slang term for ‘No’ in English, will be released in theaters by Universal Pictures on July 22, 2022.

The cast includes Daniel Kaluuya (“Run!”), Steven Yeun (“The Walking Dead”) and Keke Palmer (“Scream Queens”) – who will be the horror antagonist.

The film also released its poster recently, which offers little information on what fans can expect from the experience.

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In addition to directing, Peele is responsible for the production script.

New information should be published soon.

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