‘O Raven’: ‘A Nun’ director thinks reboot may still hit theaters

Director Corin Hardy (‘The Nun’) has been working for years on the development of a new film about ‘The Raven’, a thriller starring Brandon Lee in 1994.

In 2016, Jason Momoa (“Aquaman”) was even cited for the lead role, but the project ended up being scrapped for lack of investment and the star ended up dropping the project two years later.

However, Hardy still hopes to be able to release the film to the cinema… One day!

In an interview with Comic Book, the filmmaker commented on his passion for the project and said he had no plans to give up on the release.

“It’s a story that fascinates me and that I am committed to, I invested three and a half or four years in this idea with love, blood, sweat and tears, and I have a ton of materials with which to work, so I think we’ll see the new version of ‘The Crow’ in theaters someday. “

He continued:

“I don’t want to migrate to other media [como o streaming] because I want to see this movie in the cinema. The original material created by James O’Barr is so fascinating… The tone, the mythology, its representation of the modern world. This work deserves respect.

For those who don’t know him, the 1981 O’Barr comic follows Eric Draven resurrected a year after he and his fiancee were murdered, with the supernatural spirit of a crow allowing him to take revenge on those who caused their deaths.

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Recalling that Lee ended up dying behind the scenes of the adaptation directed by Alex Proyas after being hit by a lead projectile fired by the pistol used by actor Michael Massee.

Due to a production failure, the pistol had been loaded with live ammunition, and the gunpowder from the blank accidentally released the projectile stuck in the barrel, piercing Lee’s torso.

The accident happened just eight days before the end of the film.

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