“Ogre”: The mother is tormented by a sinister creature in a horror teaser; To verify!

The dramatic horror ‘Ogre’ won the first teaser.

To verify:

Arnaud Malherbe is in charge of it.

Chloe and her six-year-old son Jules settle in the remote French countryside. To start a new life, far from a painful past, Chloe agrees to take over the village school, which is still shaken by the inexplicable disappearance of a little boy a few months ago. Mathieu, the city doctor, is quickly attracted to the newcomer. As he approaches Chloe, his son Jules becomes more and more anxious. He knows, he feels: Mathieu is the beast, who now wants to devour him and take his mother to him.

Ana Girardot, Giovanni Pucci and Samuel Jouy are the stars of the production.

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Unfortunately, the horror release is not yet scheduled.

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