One of the bloodiest, most impactful horror movies is available on Netflix

Young filmmaker Eli Roth was considered one of Hollywood’s most promising horror and suspense directors when he directed “Hall of Hell”, a horror that grossed over $ 100 million. dollars at the box office and managed to grab the attention of fans of the film. kind and criticism.

Soon after, he returned to success with the disgusting – but awesome – ‘O Albergue’ (Inn), which grossed $ 80 million worldwide in 2006.

The macabre and popular horror is now available on the Netflix streaming platform.

In the plot, three young people who lead their lives in a hedonistic way set off on a trip to Slovakia, in order to discover the paradise of sexual entertainment – which is said to exist in one of their cities. Upon arriving there, they stay in a hostel and what seemed like the best trip of their lives begins to turn into a total nightmare as something evil, nefarious and dangerous seems to be lurking in the place. Something to do with terror, death and physical and psychological torture.

This discovery could change their way of life forever, as fighting for survival and knowing the dark sides of the human mind can be a most terrifying experience.

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‘O Albergue’ (hostel) raised $ 80 million worldwide in 2006.

After a mediocre second film released in 2007 (directed by Roth) and the third film (directed by Scott Spiegel) directly aimed at the home video market, Roth revealed he had plans for “The Hostel 4” (Hostel 4 )

“In fact, yes [vamos fazer]. I already have an idea for the film. I don’t intend to lead it, but I will be involved, ”he said.

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