[OPINIÃO] | Will we have a new villain in the Godzilla vs Kong game?

The Godzilla vs Kong trailer continues to spark debate on the internet. After breaking Warner’s most viewed trailer in the first 24 hours with 25.6 million views, surpassing The Batman, which had 22 million views on day one on YouTube, the film yielded memes of people supporting their favorite titan and continues to engage fans on social media.

One of the fan favorite pastimes is theorizing what is going to happen in the movie. One of these theories, even, seems to have been confirmed by the official toys of the feature film. According to fans, Kong would use an ax made from one of Godzilla’s bone plates. Now with the appearance of the toys it seems clear that somehow they will get a club made from a part of the rival’s body which would justify him being able to cut the radiation explosion shown in the trailer.

Another popular theory is that the villain of the film would be none other than the deadly Mechagodzilla, one of the greatest rivals in the vast history of Godzilla. This speculation started in 2020, when the film’s first official toys leaked, which confirmed, for example, that Godzilla and Kong would be roughly the same size. Also, there was a silver doll in the same shape as Godzilla, but it didn’t appear to be the monster itself. The look was very similar to a metal skeleton of the Monster King. With that, the folks at #TeamGodzilla panicked. It also weighs on their side that in all of Mechagodzilla’s appearances on the big screen he was only defeated by Gojira’s partnership with another Kaiju, be it King Cesar or Rodan. With the launch of the trailer, several people claim to have seen the Silver Monster attacking a city.

Do you think this creature in the rubble is Mechagodzilla?

However, looking at Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters (2019), the post-credit scene for the feature seems to point to the emergence of a new villain. And no, it’s not Mechagodzilla. In the scene, ecoterrorist Alan Jonah (Charles Dance) is seen, who believes the destruction caused by the titans is necessary to restore Earth’s natural balance, negotiating a body part of one of the monsters with Mexican traffickers. And it wasn’t a nail or a bone plate, but one of Ghidorah’s severed heads in the fight that took place in Mexico.

As some may know, Mechagodzilla is made by aliens. He would later gain a man-built version in response to frequent attacks from Godzilla. However, none of them were made with cut parts of the Monster King. Now, there’s a villain that fits perfectly with what’s shown in the post-credit scene: Mecha-Ghidorah. Created in 1991, in the film Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, the monster was made in the 21st century, with the remains of Ghidorah, after the last battle of the 1990s. He is then sent from the future to 1992, in an attempt to defeat Godzilla once and for all and prevent him from destroying Tokyo again. Mixing organic pieces with futuristic technology, Mecha-Ghidorah is an even more powerful opponent than “organic” Ghidorah. Its most striking feature is, without a doubt, the anti-gravity beam, which was responsible for lifting the Godzilla into the air as if it were moss.

Following what has been established in the universe so far, including Alan Jonah’s fanaticism to wake up the titans and see the world “reform” with destruction, it seems consistent – if there is consistency in it. the giant monsters swapping soups – which he seeks to “cybernetically revive Ghidorah, who came to defeat Godzilla at one point in the 2019 film and caused catastrophic destruction in various corners of the world.” Even because he would be an opponent who could easily challenge the reign of the King of the Monsters. Then, faced with such a threat, Godzilla and Kong would forget about their age-old rivalry to face off against the evil robot. There is also the possibility of having the two “mechas” in the film, Mechagodzilla and Mecha-Ghidorah could calmly touch the terror in this world, just as there is the possibility of not having robots and seeing ” that ”Godzilla and Kong slapping like there was no tomorrow.

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After several postponements, the studio has now informed CinePOP that the film will hit national theaters on March 25, a week before its release in the United States.

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