‘Oxygen’: Netflix’s sci-fi starring ‘Predator Killer’ director gets its first images

The sci-fi thriller ‘Oxygen’, directed by Alexandre Aja (‘Predator Assassins’), won the first official images.


Mélanie Laurent (‘Inglourious Bastards’), Mathieu Amalric (‘The Blue Room’) and Malik Zidi (‘The Paths of Terror’) star in the production.

The plot centers on a woman who wakes up in a cryogenic medical capsule, alone, with no memory and no way out. All she knows is that she has 90 minutes of oxygen and has to figure out how to save herself, all the while finding out who she really is, who put her there and most importantly – why?

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The script for the feature film was written by Christie LeBlanc.

“One of the best scripts I’ve read in years – a survival experience with a big central mystery,” Aja said. “Even without the oxygen running out, the suspense on these pages took my breath away.”

The production is not yet released.

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