‘Panic in the Forest’ reboot gets extremely bloody photos [18+]

The reboot of the ‘Panic in the Forest’ franchise, titled ‘Wrong Turn: The Foundation’, has produced some extremely violent new footage.


The feature will be released on VOD on February 23.

Check out the trailer:

Enjoy watching:

Mike P. Nelson is responsible for the management.

In the plot, a group of friends climb up West Virginia and are confronted with the “Foundation,” a community that has lived in the mountains since before the Civil War – and they don’t get along very well with strangers. .

The cast includes Charlotte Vega (‘The Lodgers’), Matthew Modine (‘Deep Fear’), Damian Maffei (‘The Strangers 2’), Bill Sage, Emma Dumont (‘The Gifted’), Valerie Jane Parker, Chaney Morrow ( ‘Haunt’) and David Hutchinson (‘American Horror Story’).

Alan B. McElroy, screenwriter of the original film, wrote the new screenplay.

Make sure to watch:


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