“Panic in the Forest – The Foundation” preview on Telecine

The Téléciné network signal is open from December 7 to 13 and viewers can take advantage this weekend to discover the best of cinema on linear channels and on the streaming platform.

For fans of horror films, the suggestion is “Scream in the Forest: The Foundation”, which will be broadcast on Premium, by the Première Telecine label, on December 13 at 3:30 am.

Reviews of the reboot of the “Scream in the Forest” franchise have already been posted and have been mostly positive.

With 22 reviews to date, the feature film “Wrong Turn: The Foundation” has garnered 64% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

The average score was 5.90 out of 10.

The general consensus is that despite its tense moments, the script fails to invest in a more complex plot than necessary.

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We separate the extracts from the main reviews:

“Although this is an uneven film, this reboot has held my attention much longer than any other film in the franchise.” (eFilmCritique)

“A disappointing third act is the only downside to this fun reboot. It’s the kind of failure that exacerbates the disappointment: the script, the direction, the cast and the crew were so close to doing something right. (Fictional machine)

“This reboot is a brutally unwavering journey that has kept me tense in my chair.” (FilmFreak)

“This new version bears the exact same name as the original franchise, choosing to create a messy film that becomes unpredictably bizarre.” (Bloody-disgusting)

“This film struggles to balance all of its storylines while trying to address social issues and individual values, but the end result is an interesting journey that leaves room for new sequels.” (IGN Movies)

“This reboot takes the franchise in the right direction.” (The only criticism)

“If the screenplay weren’t overloaded with a complicated narrative that didn’t arouse the slightest interest, this one would probably become one of my favorites. But instead, they took the wrong direction and cut out the funny opening scenes… ”(Pajiba)

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The feature film will be released on VOD on February 23.

Mike P. Nelson is responsible for the management.

In the plot, a group of friends going rock climbing in West Virginia and are confronted with the “Foundation,” a community that has lived in the mountains since before the Civil War – and they don’t quite get along. well with strangers.

The cast includes Charlotte Vega (‘The Lodgers’), Matthew Modine (‘Deep Fear’), Damian Maffei (‘The Strangers 2’), Bill Sage, Emma Dumont (‘The Gifted’), Valerie Jane Parker, Chaney Morrow ( ‘Haunt’) and David Hutchinson (‘American Horror Story’).

Alan B. McElroy, screenwriter of the original film, wrote the new screenplay.

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