“Paths to Freedom”: Barry Jenkins’ series receives spectacular new teaser; Check out!

Barry Jenkins’ new slavery series for Amazon Prime Video, titled “The Roads to Freedom,” has a new official teaser.


The production is based on the novel of the same name by Colson Whitehead.

Barry Jenkins was the main Oscar for Best Picture for his work on “Moonlight: Under the Moonlight”. He is also responsible for another recent winner, the drama “If Beale Street Could Talk”.

Enjoy watching:

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The production takes place in an alternate universe in which the Underground Railroad, the series of roads and havens to which slaves escaped in the 19th century, is a real railroad with trains, machines and more.

Check out the official synopsis for the novel below:

Cora can’t imagine the world beyond the cotton farm – neither could she. Of the few things she was allowed to know, she knew Georgia was not a runaway friendly state. The colors of the spilled blood and the sound of the cries of slaves were clear in his mind, and his dreams were filled with the anguish of his slave quarters. In a soul thirsty for freedom, any invitation to see the world beyond barriers appears as a crystalline source. Cora did not know the secrets lurking in the veins of her country. Until Caesar, a young slave, told him about the subway that would take them to the United States, where there is no longer slavery. Cora will have to cross the United States and face terrible misfortunes. But nothing can contain her courage to transgress the conditions imposed on her – she will do anything to be free.

Thuso Mbedu and Aaron Pierre play the roles of Cora and César respectively. Chase W. Dillon, Joel Edgerton, Damon Harriman, William Jackson Harper, Amber Gray, Lily Rabe and more complete the cast.

“The Paths to Freedom” has yet to debut.

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