Patty Jenkins explains why she didn’t like ‘Justice League’

In an interview with Cinemablend, Patty Jenkins revealed that she doesn’t like the “Justice League”.

According to her, the way Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) was treated in the film did not please her and does not match the character she created.

“The Justice League?… No, I think all of us DC directors threw the film in the trash like fans. I felt that the version of Wonder Woman shown in the movie contradicted my movie “Wonder Woman” in a number of ways, as well as this new movie, which was already in production, ”he says.

Jenkins further explained that she had always aimed to make her own film and that Snyder was very supportive.

“The only thing I did, and I always tried to do, was – I knew when Zack was in the Justice League that the project was over. I don’t want to contradict his films, you know? But still, I have to have my own films, and he supported me with that. So I think Justice League was kind of a movie out of the canon. They were trying to turn one thing into another. I thought, “I don’t recognize half of these characters. I am not sure what is going on. “” He concluded.

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In an EXCLUSIVE interview with CinePOP to promote “Wonder Woman 1984,” Jenkins was asked if he plans to bring other heroes from the DCEU to fight with – or against – Diana.

In the comics, Wonder Woman faced off against Superman. However, Jenkins revealed that she doesn’t think about bringing another hero as she prefers solo stories.

“I think there are people who make great crossover films there. But that’s not my preference. I love a very powerful singular story. You never know if something’s going to happen that makes us feel like the story needs to bring in another hero, but I never would for another reason.

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