‘Pecemaker’: ‘the House of Raven’ actor joins the series’ cast

According to Deadline, actor Nhut Le (“ Raven’s Home ”) has been cast as Judomaster, or Mestre Judoca, in the upcoming “ Peacemaker ” TV series.

For those unfamiliar with the character, his name is Rip Jagger and he was an American sergeant during World War II who underwent millennial training in judo after saving the daughter of a Japanese tribal man and master from death. Martial Arts.

Rip became one of the greatest fighters alive during the war and decided to use his techniques to fight the Nazis.

The Judomaster has had three different versions in the comics, but Le must play the original version, created by Joe Gill and Frank McLaughlin in 1965, when the character still belonged to Charlton Comics.

As of yet, other details have not been revealed, so it’s unclear whether he’ll be a recurring character or just a cameo.

Recalling that the production of the 1st season of the derivative series of “The Suicide Squad” continues to be in full swing and that new behind-the-scenes images are circulating on the internet.

Photos show John Cena highlighted in one, along with a police car surrounding a residence.


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I had the chance to meet John Cena and James Gunn on the set of #Peacemaker. Thank you for having stopped! I can’t wait to see Suicide Squad! @WhatsFilming #yvrshoots pic.twitter.com/jE05BmpJzq

– Suffering Sappho (@ThemysciraBound) January 26, 2021

The production also includes Chukwudi Iwuji (‘Eyes that Condemn’), Lochlyn Munro (‘Riverdale’), Annie Chang (‘Shades of Blue: Police Secrets’) and Christopher Heyerdahl (‘Togo’) in the supporting cast.

The four previously join Danielle Brooks, Steve Agee, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Holland and Chris Conrad.

Specific plot details are still under wraps, but we do know the series must explore the origins of Peacemaker, a man who believes in peace at all costs, regardless of how many people he has to kill for it. get.

It’s worth pointing out that the HBO Max series will be part of the DC cinema universe, the DCEU. The information was revealed by James Gunn himself, via his official Instagram account.

In all, Season 1 will only have eight one-hour episodes and Gunn will take over some of them including the pilot.

Peter Safran joins as executive producer, while Cena assists in overseeing the project.

For those who don’t know, Peacemaker is a master at arms who believes in peace at all costs – no matter how many people have to kill for it.

The work will expand the universe Gunn is creating with “ The Suicide Squad, ” which premieres on August 6, 2021.

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