‘Phantom’: Horror based on ‘the Phantom of the Opera’ is in development

According to Deadline, “Phantom,” a new adaptation of the classic “The Phantom of the Opera,” written by Gaston Leroux, is in development.

Described as a cross between “Black Swan” and “Crazy Obsession”, the project will be a “contemporary psychological horror with musical numbers, inspired by the iconic book released in 1910”.

The author’s tale of a destructive relationship will remain in the new version, as will the dark love story, but the film intends to reverse the romanticism associated with previous versions and instead delve into terror, which was much of the book.

Anthony McCarten will be responsible for the script.

“The basic idea that attracted me was the chance to renew a 110-year-old tale and bring it back to its roots of suspense and terror,” McCarten explains on the website. “It will be a contemporary version of the story, incorporating contemporary themes and a new musical soundtrack based on some of recording’s greatest talents.”

He adds: “It will be much more frightening, rooted in the terror that is present in the book.”

New information should be published soon.

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