PHENOMENON! ‘Spider-Man 3’ breaks new records, to surpass $ 1 billion TOMORROW

“Spider-Man: No Return Home” continues to break box office records and will surpass the billion dollar mark tomorrow, December 25, according to new forecasts.

The film has already grossed $ 385 million in the United States in seven days, making it the third fastest film to reach that mark after “Avengers: Ultimatum” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

On the international market, the film has already racked up $ 490 million in cases, and already totals $ 875 million in total.

It is the highest grossing film to hit theaters since “Star Wars: The Skywalker Rise” in December 2019.

If that weren’t enough, “Spider-Man: No Back Home” will become the second fastest title to hit the billion dollar mark, behind “Ultimatum” in just eleven days, which is mind-boggling with the pandemic still playing and the Omicron sweeping across the world.

The feature film achieved another feat: It ranks 5th among the 250 highest rated movies of all time on IMDb, one of the most respected sites in film, television and entertainment in general.

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Based on approximately 238,000 votes, the streak won a score of 9.0 / 10.

The top five on the list are “A Dream of Freedom” (9.2), “The Godfather” (9.1), “The Godfather: Part II” (9.0), “Batman: The Dark Knight” (9.0) and ‘Spider-Man: No Coming Home’ (9.0).

It should be remembered that each of these movies has between 1 and almost 3 million votes, so it is possible that “Spider-Man 3” will move up or down a few positions over the next few months.

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Directed again by Jon Watts, the cast includes Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marisa Tomei, JK Simmons, Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, Martin Starr and Jacob Batalon.

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