Plenty of time! – Discover the 5 longest TV series still on the air

Some programs have more than proven to be here to stay

Surprising a total of zero people, the NCIS series saw its new season confirmed, specifically the nineteenth. With this, the adventures of the Navy’s Internal Investigative Squad join a select group of series with very long spells of activity. Loved or hated, constant or decadent; these productions marked an era on television and, thanks to their legions of followers, they are kept alive.

Then follow five long-running productions that have become so steeped in memory and popular culture that to think of television today without them is as strange as Faustão’s program on another broadcaster.

5) Grey’s Anatomy

Audience darling and undeniable success, Grey’s Anatomy has inherited much of the tradition of post-successful emergency medical series. The professional and personal (and to put it mildly personal) dramas of the team led by Meredith Gray have won audiences over for their many powerful emotional moments, which not only are remembered for tears, but for the cast to have a also varied character rotation. , unbelievably as it sounds, like Game of Thrones.

Medical drama is still one of the most popular today.

Currently in its seventeenth season, Shonda Rhimes’ series has already received the green light from ABC for a new season. While that doesn’t exceed the number of other roster members, it’s still an amount of respect.

In the ’90s there was this very strange’ renaissance ‘of television animation in which producers felt an unprecedented freedom to produce the most diverse types of politically incorrect humor. They had no political message or veiled criticism of a specific target; it was humor without fear of eschatology and embracing its immature side.

The eternal saga of the Griffin family continues.

It was in this wave that Seth MacFarlane introduced the Griffins family of Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and Stewie to the world, plus the anthropomorphic dog Brian in episodes dosed with the purest black humor. Currently in its nineteenth season, with a twentieth in sight, it is to be expected that the series will continue to expand both in satirical themes and in the cast of characters.

Not only does it make the list of the most enduring but also with the most unforgettable openings, after all it is practically impossible to forget the theme composed by Mike Post. Confirmed until the twenty-fourth season, the series tells the daily life of a special unit of the New York police force dedicated to the investigation of sex crimes. It is not uncommon for questions relating to their privacy to interfere with the judgment of this type of investigation.

“SVU” is a brilliant member of the series dynasty created by Dick Wolfe.

The show was born as a derivative of Law & Order in 1999; by the time of SVU’s debut, the original product already had nine seasons. With the cancellation of NBC in 2010, SVU had the opportunity to exceed the number of seasons of its predecessor, as well as to appear regularly as a nominee and winner in the editions of the Emmy Awards.

The most controversial of animation could not be left out, because thanks to its first episode released in 1997, the series now has an impressive twenty-three seasons marked by controversial and, certainly, classic moments. It’s interesting how the animated series started out as an extremely cheap (after all, that’s why Trey Parker managed to sell it) and unassuming production, which relied heavily on eschatological and straightforward humor, for something. much deeper today.

“South Park” has gone from an eschatological comedy to one of television’s most critical entertainment.

It is far from wrong to say that South Park has grown and matured over the years, gradually leaving the aforementioned model of humor to something more aware of the world around it and thus becoming a very effective satirical program of reality. Of course, the famous swear words are still there as well as the controversies; however, now they are oriented towards a direction and a purpose, ensuring a new lease of life for the show.

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Yes, you saw this one coming, but it couldn’t be different after all, it is the crown jewel of TV entertainment and record-holder with the longest runtime. Released in 1989, Matt Groening’s work had a very simple function: to openly criticize what was meant by television entertainment and the notion of family that such entertainment exhibited. For him, royal families, especially those of the working class in the United States, were not well represented on the small screen.

A record, historic and unique. “The Simpsons” might not be in its prime, but it still has a name.

This more critical, almost militant thinking is noticed in the first seasons of animation by the tone of the plots and the characterizations of certain characters; an example being that the Homer of the first episodes, although he acts like a fool, has been shown to be a family man capable of giving up his goals if it means the happiness of his children.

There are thirty-two seasons, with the thirty-third and fourth confirmed, in addition to several Emmy Awards. During the ’90s, they were undoubtedly the dominant cultural force, and although today much of the original concept for the series has been scrapped (with clear signs that the idea is worn out), The Simpsons will always deserve this crown.

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