“Power Book II: Ghost”: Tariq risks everything in the trailer for the next episodes; Check out!

Starz has released the trailer for the second half of the first season of “Power Book II: Ghost”, a spin-off of “Power”.


The production will return with unreleased episodes on December 4.

In Brazil, the series is launched weekly by Amazon Prime.

The plot will begin a few days after the end of the “Power” series. The new production will focus on Tariq as he deals with his new life and tries to be worthy of his father’s legacy. Starting college, which he must complete to secure his inheritance, one of his first assignments is to try to get his mother out of prison after trying to frame her boyfriend over Ghost’s death.

The cast includes Michael Rainey, Naturi Naughton, Mary J. Blige and LaToya Tonodeo.

Remember that the series has already been renewed for the 2nd season!

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