“Power without Limits” will have a sequel with a female protagonist

“Power without Limits” was released in 2012 and was a welcome surprise to fans of the superhero genre, with an astonishing storyline for a budget of just $ 12 million.

Starring Dane DeHaan (“LOVE: Lisey’s Story”) and Michael B. Jordan (“Creed”), the feature grossed $ 126.6 million worldwide and it looked like there would be a sequel…

It turns out the idea hasn’t been given up, as producer John Davis revealed in an interview with Forbes.

“‘Power Without Limits’ had the biggest financial comeback of any movie I’ve worked with and is one of the most successful movies of my career. We’re working on the sequel and I think it’s going to be great. .

He went on to give some details about the pre-production and plot, which will feature a woman.

“It will be produced by 20th Century Studios and will give us the opportunity to tell the story in a different way. Let’s say it from a female point of view. The plot will take place 10 years after this accident in Seattle and we will use the theme of fake news impacting the course of the story. It will be interesting to know how a new generation will deal with these powers. Let us follow the young women who finish their college studies… They are empowered and in control of their own development. But there will be some interesting elements in the middle of it all.

Davis has not revealed who wrote the screenplay, and there is still no director attached to the project and no casting announced, so it could be a long time before production on the sequel begins.

A few years ago, the director of the original, Josh Trank, revealed to ServerPlay that he had done everything to prevent a sequel because the script written by Max Landis had nothing to do with the first film.

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“Actually, the idea sounded good, but it had nothing to do with the message I wanted to convey with the first film. I knew it would be bad, so I sabotaged the dev meetings, I did a lot of bullshit to make sure they didn’t get the sequel. I didn’t want this story to tie into the original movie. It turned out that they gave up after everything I did… And I made sure that no other director wanted to work on the film. It was my worst nightmare. “

Josh Trank is about to shoot a scene

Additionally, Landis was accused of sexual and psychological abuse by eight women at the time, which made matters worse.

In addition to becoming a commercial success, “Power Without Limits” received 85% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition to DeHaan and Jordan, the cast also includes Alex Russell.

The plot follows a trio of friends who gain superpowers after being exposed to an underground radioactive stone in an isolated area.

However, the energy ends up affecting the mind of one of them, which ends up becoming a time bomb about to explode.

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