Premonition | From the best to the worst movie in the franchise

The “Premonição” franchise started in 2000, and it completes twenty years of existence – moving on to another chapter which is already starting to gain its first details.

In honor of a saga that sought to revitalize slasher movies by bringing an invisible enemy (Death) to the screen, CinePOP has prepared the ranking of all feature films released to date, which will be updated soon if New plans Line Cinema is working.

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Released in 2011, “Premonição 5” was the only entry in the franchise that really appealed to critics. Using CGI and conducting death scenes was very careful, at the same time director Steven Quale was betting on some sort of psychological thriller that allied with the chaotic prospect of tragedy – besides building a shocking finale. which revealed the actual production intentions.


The opening chapter featured names like Ali Larter and Devon Sawa facing death for the first time after rescuing a group of students from an explosive plane (in the most literal sense we can imagine). Bringing a different perspective to suisgeneris slasher productions and creating an impossible-to-face serial killer, the tale became a classic and captured a legion of fans – besides influencing future cinematic and serial attacks.


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Prior to ’10 Cloverfield Street ‘and’ Birds of Prey ‘, Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred in’ Premonition 3 ‘as young Wendy, an aspiring photographer who saves her colleagues (despite losing her boyfriend) in an accident in an amusement park. From there, Wendy discovers her nightmare isn’t over, using the photos she’s taken to try and save as many people as possible from being taken by Death’s vindictive hand.


Despite its apparent mistakes, “Premonição 2” was a palpable and cohesive continuation of the 2000 film. Here, AJ Cook made a dangerous maneuver to prevent drivers from getting involved in a deadly traffic jam on Route 23, but did not realized that his actions would have dramatic consequences. More than that, the premise already explored a few years before took on a new layer that expanded the mythology of the series and provided some interesting explanations for something that would be revitalized and tweaked in the future.


‘Premonição 4’ is a forgettable page in this supernatural pantheon – and it’s not for nothing: Launched four years after ‘Premonição 3′, the new story is unstoppable in the extreme and uses abhorrent gore-porn that doesn’t. just does not. make any sense, whether for its forced bloody sequences, or for the writers’ lack of creativity in imagining a growing suspense until the final turnaround (not to mention the savior complex which does not seem to espouse the personality of the protagonist).

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