‘Private Desert’: Brazil is OUT of the Oscar for best foreign film, but it still competes with a short film

The Hollywood Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences announced on Tuesday (21) the preselections of 10 categories, as best documentaries and visual effects.

Voted best film by the popular jury of the Venice Film Festival 2021, the national feature film ‘Desert Particular’ – by Aly Muritiba (‘O Caso Evandro’) – did not enter the Foreign Film category.

However, the Brazilian short film ‘Bruda Sap’, by Gustavo Milan, is still competing in the category – which still has “Ala Kachuu – Take and Run”, “Censor of Dreams”, “The Criminals”, “Distances”, “The Dress”, “Frimas”, “Les Grandes Claques”, “The Long Goodbye”, “On My Mind”, “Please Hold”, “Stenofonen”, “Tala’vision”, “When the Sun Sets” and ” You’re Dead Helen ”.

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In the plot, Antônio Saboia (Bacurau) plays the policeman Daniel, dismissed from his post after having made a mistake putting his career and his honor in danger. His life begins to change after falling in love with Sara, played by Pedro Fasanaro (“Where Bone Strong Bones”), a mysterious inhabitant of the hinterland of Bahia, with whom he speaks only virtually. When the young girl suddenly disappears, Daniel decides to drop everything in Curitiba to pursue her.

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In addition to directing, Muritiba also signs the screenplay, with Henrique dos Santos.

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