Production of the Disney + ABANDON series on the iconic character; Know more!

The Disney + streaming platform has discontinued production of a series based on one of its most iconic characters (via Comicbook.com).

Disney President Bob Iger has decided to cancel the project centered on famous Oswaldo, the Lucky Rabbit. The cat – which uses the same features as Mickey Mouse – was one of the first characters created by visionary Walt Disney.

The information was shared by expert animation filmmaker and one of the show’s leaders, Matt Danner. On his official Twitter account, the artist commented on Iger’s decision:

“Iger was very serious about it. A Lenda dos Três Caballeros’ creative team would develop a series on Oswald for streaming. The scripts were already written, the designs were done, animation testing was underway, and the pilot episode was in production. It was beautiful, but then it was canceled and thrown into the wind ”.

Danner nonetheless reassured fans, specifying that this does not mean that Oswaldo will not have his own series on Disney +. According to him, his version was dropped, but that does not prevent a new creative vision for another project from being developed with him.

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“Don’t be sad about it. Oswaldo is well regarded within Disney. I just wanted to share how serious this love is. I’m sure there will be a project on Oswaldo in the near future.

Walt Disney created the character in 1927, but his rights belonged to Universal. A little over 80 years later, Bog Iger finally reclaimed the rights to the character, after NBC approached the company about the contract with longtime advertiser Al Michaels. Disney basically negotiated Michaels’ contract for the character’s brand.

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