Quarantine? Nathaly Dias shares her list with her favorite productions on Netflix

While Brazil is in quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic, Netflix has invited Youtuber Nathaly Dias, creator of Low Renda’s Blogueira channel, to share her list with her favorite productions on the streaming service.


The coronavirus epidemic is redefining the routines of people around the world and with many major premieres postponed, moviegoers are somewhat orphaned.

In addition, the pandemic has resulted in drastic measures, which have prevented travel to cinemas, due to the high risk of contamination, because it is a closed place and with large agglomerations.

Enjoy watching:

Thinking about this current and critical moment experienced by the world, Netflix has shared a list of series available to check out, while theaters continue to be seen as places at high risk of contamination.

Some of the tips shared include the “Skins”, “That 70’s Show” and “Gotham” series.


here are a few shows you may not have known about Netflix:

Being Mary Jane
West wing
Era uma vez
Kim’s convenience
The 4400
Medico-legal files
This 70s show
Green leaf
Lost girl
The single person
The 100

– Netflix US (@netflix) March 12, 2020

Netflix recently reported that users of the platform are consuming a product that has been largely overlooked in recent months – mainly due to the coronavirus outbreak in recent weeks.

After several cancellations of film events, the ban on flights from Europe and the recent confirmation that Tom Hanks and his wife have contracted the disease, the work ‘Pandemic: How to prevent an epidemic’ has started to emerge. as one of the great choices of viewers.

Check out the trailer:

Check out the official synopsis:

Meet the heroes on the flu front and learn about their efforts to stop the next global epidemic.

The documentary series travels through countries like India, Egypt, Congo and the United States, providing references and parallels to other health epidemics (like the Spanish flu) and also comments on health professionals who are fighting to end these pandemics.

Make sure to watch:


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