‘Queer as Folk’ to be rebooted by Peacock

According to TVLine, the streaming service Peacock has given the green light for the development of the “ Queer as Folk ” reboot.

Described as a “vibrant reimagining” of the original British production, the series will focus on a diverse group of New Orleans friends, whose lives are transformed after a tragedy.

Stephen Dunn will be the reboot’s creator, writer and executive producer. He will also be responsible for the production of several episodes.

In an official statement, Dunn said, “It is a surreal honor to adapt Russell T. Davies’ notoriously innovative series. When the show originally aired, the idea of ​​watching queer stories on TV was so bold that I felt I couldn’t watch “Queer as Folk” in secret. But so much has changed in the past 20 years and it will be wonderful if the next generation does not have to watch “ Queer as Folk ” alone in their dank cellars with mute sound, but with their family and friends. and the volume to maximum. “

Russell T. Davies, creator of the original series, will produce the project.

“Queer as Folk” was released in 1999 by Channel 4, with 10 episodes. A year later, an American remake was released by Showtime, which ran for five seasons (2000-2005).

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