Ranking | From worst to best Jurassic Park movie

With the production of “Jurassic World – Domain” finished, CinePOP has decided to rate the films in the Jurassic Park franchise from “worst” to best.


5 | Jurassic Park III (2001)

The third chapter of the original saga is the most contested. Despite the clear technological advancement in the reproduction of dinosaurs and the redesigned look of the Velociraptors, which suited the discoveries of the time, the script is very shallow and the additions to the cast were not so captivating. At the end of the movie, there is a question. Worse yet: being chased by the terrible Spinosaurus or stranded on an island with a divorced couple?

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The whole philosophy of Homem X Natureza has been put aside in favor of commercial suspense. But it’s still a fun hobby.

4 | The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

The original film footage suffered from criticism, but for me it remains one of the most compelling dinosaur movies.

Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) takes the lead when he learns that his girlfriend, Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore), has been sent to photograph a second island, where dinosaurs live without fences.

With scenes simulating a safari and several new dinosaurs, Steven Spielberg dedicates the entire third act to making every child’s dream come true: to free a Tyrannosaurus in the city and let it “interact” with modern objects. It’s an anachronistic adventure full of hands and with several well-constructed moments of suspense.

3 | Jurassic World: Dinosaur World (2015)

22 years after the original park opened (and the launch of the first Jurassic Park), we have followed the reopening of the gates of now Jurassic World, a state-of-the-art park with vibrant attractions.

It’s John Hammond’s dream come true and it’s the first time we’ve seen the resort really work. But as we’ve seen throughout the franchise, life finds a way and the prehistoric animals break free and strike terror on the Isle of Nublar.

Everything is new except destruction. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard take over as new protagonists and we enter the era of hybrid dinosaurs. Another new point concerns trained kidnappers, key players in the future of films.

2 | Jurassic World: Kingdom Under Threat (2018)

The pursuit of the billionaire success of 2015 gave up the enchantment of entering into terror and suspense. With the key plot of all five films, the director is once again betting on hybrid dinosaurs as villains (or are they anti-heroes?).

With a stronger science fiction vein, “The Threatened Kingdom” comes back to questioning bioethics. They also make a very interesting reinterpretation of the extinction of the dinosaurs and ends with an interesting bee ending, leaving the famous hook for Movie 3.

1 | Jurassic Park: Dinosaur Park (1993)

An immortal classic in entertainment cinema, Jurassic Park shocked the world by bringing the truest dinosaurs cinema has ever seen.

Right in the mind of anyone who was once a child, the film is a masterpiece of imagination and conquest by charismatic characters and a well-told story. Although it’s called Jurassic Park, the movie only has 15 minutes of dinosaurs in the movie.

If you haven’t seen it, run to it! If you’ve seen it, check it out! It’s a film!

Congratulations to the paleontologists who accompany CinePOP! Your work inspires a lot of people!

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