Ranking | From worst to best superhero movies of 2021

Good or bad, the year 2021 is ending in a few hours. As usual, the year saw several outings related to the world of superheroes. Streaming or in theaters, there were dozens of productions related to strong men in colorful outfits. But, in this article today, let’s stick to the films that are hitting theaters or streaming. They are ranked from worst to best, so since this is an opinionated list, feel free to disagree with respect. To verify!

10. Thunder Squad

Released on Netflix, this film is an indefensible bombshell. He tries to sell himself as a parody, but because he takes himself seriously at many times, he can’t develop anything beyond unwitting shame from others, even in scenes that should make the estrangement laugh. In the plot, two friends develop a treatment that gives them powers. So, the duo decide to fight the bad guys … or give it a try.

9. Venom: time of carnage

Continuing the saga of Venom and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), this sequel was simply inexplicable. The humor that worked in the first movie has completely lost its timing, the new characters including the villain add nothing to the hero’s mythology or the plot itself, and the relationship between the protagonists is worthy of note. ‘a romantic comedy film B. time, Eddie follows the trial of a terrible psychopath. However, he accidentally creates a new villain, Carnage. Now he will have to come to terms with Venom if he is to survive and defeat the monster.

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8. GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes

Attempting to reboot the GI Joe franchise, Snake Eyes was a big “meh”. The ninja puppet-centric story suffered from a very weak storyline that didn’t know how to explore the character’s past well, in addition to a confused direction that didn’t know how to work the action scenes. Too bad, as Henry Golding clearly gave his life as the lead, but there was no saving money when the script and directing went so badly. The story here revolves around a lonely ninja, who saves lives and discovers a new motivation in Japan.

7. Black widow

Released about six years later, the Black Widow solo film managed to make Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) the supporting role in its own story. Turn this feature into a passing baton instead of a source movie. And it would be nice if the movie was good. But this is not the case. With a boring storyline, terrifying special effects, and an uninspired villain, the movie ends with the feeling that we saw 2 hours of the origin story of the green vest the character wore in Infinite War. In this Marvel adventure, the Black Widow is banned and must unite with her former family to defeat a mysterious villain.

6. Zack Snyder Justice League

Released after much anticipation due to the fan campaign, Zack Snyder’s League was made 100% as the director intended, but structurally it was the same movie as in 2017 except for one development. middle finger of Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and another truck. scenes that do not add much to the plot, making the 4 hours of duration an eternity. In this movie, the villainous Darkseid wants to take the Mother Boxes. For this, he sends the Steppe Wolf to face the heroes of the Earth and recover the artifacts. But he didn’t have the superheroes together.

5. Eternals

Like the League, Eternos arrived under high expectations due to his leadership. Here, in this case, the strong name was Chloé Zhao, winner of the Oscar for best achievement. But the quieter, more understated story ended up not appealing to everyone with its warm color palette and mythological plot. This is because the film is about the Celestials and their creation, the Eternals, powerful beings sent to Earth centuries ago to defend humans from the Deviants.

4. Flora & Ulysses

Based on a children’s book, this Disney + movie went unnoticed by many people. Which is a shame, because the story of the stuck comic book fan who meets a squirrel with special powers is a handful of adventures, and it manages too well to capture the essence of the comics.

3. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings

The story of the Mandarin’s son, who escaped his father’s clutches to live his own life, but ended up having to join him to, through martial arts, convince him to change his mind about a crazy idea is simply incredible. Along with the absurd charisma and chemistry between Simu Liu and Awkwafina, the movie has excellent effects, a full story, and the best fight choreography in the entire MCU.

2. The suicide squad

Directed by James Gunn, this film is a comic book that has come to life. Filled with dialogue, situations and passages straight out of comic book formats for the big screen, the story of the group of villains sent on a suicide mission to an island in South America, who needs to understand each other to survive and defeating the threat is simple, yet effective, and very well told. The use of graphic violence and eschatological moments also add extra appeal to this epic DC adventure.

1. Spider-Man: No Coming Home

Topping the list, the ultimate adventure of Marvel’s greatest hero was unbeatable. Released a little over two weeks ago, the film has already had such a stir that it seems to be running for months. Masterfully capturing the essence of Spider-Man, this feature expands Tom Holland’s Peter Parker with a lot of love and loyalty to the original material, bringing together villains from other hero franchises. It’s a real event for anyone who loves the character or has read a comic book in their life.

So which is your favorite? Do you agree with the list? Build your list in the comments!

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