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The cinemas have closed again. For good reason. Brazil is now entering an alarming phase of the pandemic. While you stay home safely, leaving only the essentials – we’re sure – we’re doing our part here by giving you tips on what to look out for during this new seclusion. And continuing with our series of stories, we now go with the launch of the little blue streaming platform, which tires out rivals: Amazon Prime Video – which has surprised us with the growing number of quality releases. Here we aim to bring together some of the house’s newest and most striking products, blending prestigious awards with features that are pure pleasure and entertainment. As always, this is a great opportunity to first watch or revisit great movies. Check.

A prince in New York 2

There is no other way to start. The biggest Amazon Prime Video release of the year came in early 2021, after no less than 33 years of waiting since the absolute comic book classic Um Principe em New York (1988). After recovering good form in My Name is Domelite (2019), from his rival Netflix, Eddie Murphy remains at peace with the success. At the start of the year, we only talk about this film. In the plot, Prince Akeem (Murphy) becomes king and discovers that he has an heir in New York.

One night in Miami …

Amazon remains Netflix’s biggest rival when it comes to quality streaming platforms, especially when it comes to its own productions. Here we have one of the most prestigious releases of the season. Based on the play written by Kemp Powers, the film brings the first behind-the-scenes effort as director of Oscar-winning actress Regina King. Nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards and reaching the Oscars, the film is a fictional tale of the true encounter between legendary figures of Afro ancestry (Muhammad Ali, Malclom X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown) in roles in the society of the ‘time. Unmissable.

The sound of silence

Another very appreciated film of the small blue platform, and another production in its own right, O Som do Silêncio brings a tour de force of the protagonist Riz Ahmed (O Vulture) in the best performance of his career. Not least, the actor landed a Golden Globe nomination and could make it to the Oscars. In the plot, with plenty of musical background, Ahmed (turned on Jiraiya, muscular, tattooed, and blond) plays a heavy rock drummer, whose life begins to turn around once he finds out he’s starting to lose it. ‘hearing. Desperate.


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It is for you who always dreamed of seeing the muse Megan Fox in a deadly contest with hungry manhunters. Out of the spotlight, Fox repeats his comeback with this tense production, which mixes action, suspense and terror. Trying to target films like Shadow and Dark (1996), in the plot, the actress plays the squad leader of soldiers on a mission against rebels in Africa. In addition to the armed confrontation, your team will have to face the surprise of the local fauna, in the form of killer lions.

Final Destruction – The Last Haven

Earth is threatened again! And I’m not talking about the appalling events of our real life, but about the last disaster movie of the season, which has it all to please fans. To give you an idea, this film is almost 80% approved by the trade press, which is practically the maximum approval when it comes to the genre. The protagonist is Gerard Butler, who had already risked the genre with Tempest – Planet in Fury (2017), a film much less appreciated than this one. Alongside Butler, Morena Baccarin (Deadpool) from Rio de Janeiro and the two live with family members trying to survive a global cataclysm.

I’m your wife

In this sixth nomination, we have the house silver medalist on Amazon, Rachel Brosnahan (from the Wonderful Mrs. Maisel series) starring and receiving numerous accolades for her performance. Set in the 1970s, written and directed by filmmaker Julia Hart, this is a very feminine thriller. Brosnahan sees a desperate young woman married to a criminal who needs to run away with her baby and start a new life after her husband betrays his pals. The film has 81% critical approval.

Brutal justice

Well, at least that’s the title that appears on the platform. Also known as Na Sombra da Lei, it may be easier to recognize him by his original title: Dragged Across Concrete. The original name sums up the content of this foolproof police action film, from the same director of visceral Rastro de Maldade (2015) and Confronto no Pavilhão 99 (2017), S. Craig Zahler. Star Mel Gibson had been canceled before the cancellations existed, but here he continues the attempt to restructure his career. He stars alongside Vince Vaughn as two die-hard cops in search of his personal justice. The film also received almost 80% critical approval.

Goodbye, teacher

This film is also known for its original title The Professor. And speaking of canceled actors … well, we have Johnny Depp’s latest work. After the tumultuous relationship with actress Amber Heard, which ended up in court, it’s not even clear what to think of the star, who has already been called off and canceled more times than can be counted. Here, however, he plays a teacher who is terminally ill and begins to live carefree and full of excess, like consuming alcohol, cigarettes, and being honest without caring what other people think.

The mystery of Silver Lake

You know when it is said to keep an eye on a certain actor, actress or director. Well, the next job of an artist who was very successful in his first film isn’t always as special as the first. Filmmaker David Robert Mitchell had already drawn attention to the indie scene with his first film, The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010), but it was his next work, the first Terror of Evil (2014) that would set the scene director name at the top. With more money and more ambition, his next film was The Mystery of Silver Lake, starring Andrew Garfield, about a boy investigating the disappearance of a mysterious woman. Although interesting, it went under the radar. Now launched on Amazon, it’s worth giving it another chance.

Bliss – In Search of Happiness

Written and directed by sci-fi drama and existentialist Mike Cahill, his most recent work is in the same vein, albeit with greater ambitions. Using the conspiracy theory that our world is just a huge sham, as seen in the famous City of Shadows (1998) and The Matrix (1999), the feature film brings the romantic encounter between the characters of Owen Wilson and Mexican Salma Hayek. She, a woman who lives on the streets, is convinced that our reality is a computer simulation.

Bonus: us

Jordan Peele’s second directorial film, after Oscar nominee Run! (2017), this Nós (2019) was a huge success and talked a lot when it was released in theaters. And now it’s the Amazon platform. In addition to all of its countless attractions, this second work served to cement Peele’s name as a great director of the current horror genre. His films are real events and focus on racial and social issues, which makes all the difference. Here, a black family, led by matriarch Lupita Nyong’o, on vacation in a seaside town, will encounter a truly terrifying reality and learn a lot about themselves. We obviously get an impressive 93% approval rating from critics.

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