“Renfield”: the film that will bring Nicolas Cage while Dracula will be an “extremely violent comedy”

According to Fat Man Beyond, producer Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”) has revealed that the feature film “Renfield”, which will focus on Dracula’s servant, will be fun and “extremely violent.”

“We’re making a really cool movie for Universal [Pictures] which will focus on Renfield. It’ll be a story about him as Dracula’s servant, and we’ll show you how bad the job is. It will be a funny and extremely violent comedy. It will be very bloody.

Nicolas Cage will play Count Dracula and Nicholas Hoult will bring the main character, RM Renfield, to life.

Iconic actress Awkwafina (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” “Rotten Rich”) completes the cast.

Chris McKay (‘Tomorrow’s War’) is in charge of the director.

The filmmaker will replace Dexter Fletcher (“Rocketman”), who has reportedly been in talks to run production but has chosen to direct the reboot of “The Saint” for Paramount Pictures.

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Ryan Ridley (“Rick and Morty”) is responsible for the screenplay.

In the original Bram Stoker novel, Renfield was a crazed lunatic patient who was diagnosed with insanity; but, in fact, he was a servant of Dracula. The feature film should take place in the present rather than being constructed like a period film.

The character was played by Dwight Frye in ‘Dracula’, 1931.

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