Research reveals who are the 20 most WORKING actors in Hollywood

According to a survey published by Movie Web, Nicolas Cage is the actor who has worked the most in Hollywood for the past five years.

Although away from the big screen lately, the star has appeared in 27 productions since 2015. Most have been launched directly on digital platforms, but they still count.

Among his most recent works, Cage has acted in several suspensions, such as “The Return of Evil”, “Mandy”, “Looking Glass”, “211”, Primal “and” Grand Isle “.

He also voiced Superman in ‘The Teen Titans in Action! No Cinema, ” and voiced one of Peter Parker’s versions of “ Spider-Man in the Spider-Man ”.

The star is also part of the cast of “ The Croods 2 ” and was chosen to play Joe Exotic in a documentary series inspired by “ The Mafia of the Tigers ”, which airs on Netflix.

Samuel L. Jackson takes 2nd place in the survey, the veteran having starred in 22 films since 2015.

Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell appear in 3rd and 4th places respectively. With Pitt appearing in 21 films and Ferrell in 20.

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Just behind is Margot Robbie, with 19 titles in the past five years, including four produced by her.

Check out the full list:

1. Nicolas Cage
2. Samuel L. Jackson
3. Brad Pitt
4. Will Ferrell
5. Margot Robbie
6. Idris Elba
7. Liam Neeson
8. Johnny Depp
9. Nicole Kidman
10. Sam Rockwell
11. Adam Sandler
12. Antonio Bandera
13. Chris Hemsworth
14. Natalie Portman
15. Anna Kendrick
16. Charlize Theron
17. Helen Mirren
18. Laura Dern
19. Leonardo DiCaprio
20. Scarlett Johansson

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