‘Resident Evil’: ‘A Quiet Place’ writers refused to write franchise film

Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods were very successful after the release of “A Quiet Place”, suspended written in partnership with protagonist and director John Krasinski.

This is because the film has distanced itself from other titles in the genre and built a unique and original plot with a modest $ 17 million, which has generated an incredible $ 340.9 million worldwide.

After calling attention to “A Quiet Place,” Woods revealed to Comic Book that he and Beck had already had the opportunity to write a screenplay for the new “Resident Evil,” but ended up rejecting the offer. .

“A lot of things have already passed through our table. There were projects where we were like, “Wow, thanks for thinking of us. What an honor. ‘ But that wasn’t the right thing back then, like when we were asked to write a new ‘Resident Evil’. “

When asked what the script would have looked like if they had accepted the proposal, Woods replied:

“We think the zombie genre has become so saturated… We’ve seen just about every iteration of zombies you could imagine. So how do you do something new? We thought we’d tackle a story similar to Sam Mendes’ 1917, you know? We’d like to have less free action footage and create more intimate, ongoing suspense that makes you dread.

He continued:

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“If we did, it should be something that could pay homage to the franchise of the game, but we only thought about that possibility for about five seconds … We prefer to focus on original stories.”

Beck and Woods lecture on screenwriting at the University of Illinois

In an interview with IGN, director Johannes Roberts (“Deep Fear”) revealed the official title of the “Resident Evil” reboot.

The new film will be titled “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” and will adapt the story of the first two games.

As in the original game, “Welcome to Raccoon City” will take place in 1998 and will tell the events of Raccoon City surrounded by zombies.

Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City Police Department will both be in the movie.

Roberts revealed he wanted to focus on the tone of the film.

“What I liked about the games was that they were just plain scary and that’s what I wanted. This atmosphere – it’s rain, it’s always dark, it’s scary. Raccoon City is kind of a rotten character in the movie and that kind of vibe in games that I wanted to include [no filme]. “

Roberts says he was inspired by John Carpenter’s “The Mist” to feel the atmosphere of Welcome to Raccoon City.

“I’m a huge John Carpenter fan and really liked it. The way he tells these claustrophobic siege movies and I took movies like Assault on the 13th District and The Mist and this disparate bunch of characters gathered under the siege, and took that as my cinematic inspiration.

Discover the first poster:

The cast will include Kaya Scodelario (Claire Redfield), Robbie Amell (Chris Redfield), Hannah John-Kamen (Jill Valentine), Avan Jogia (Leon S. Kennedy), Tom Hopper (Albert Wesker), Lily Gao (Ada Wong), Neal McDonough (William Birkin), Chad Rock (Richard Aiken) and Donal Logue (Brad Vickers).

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