Retrospective 2020 through films, cinemas and streaming!

There are seven days until the year 2020 (finally!) To come to an end and our reviews of everything that happened in this very crazy year begins here at CinePOP. And if you look closely, you can look back to 2020 with the most talked about movies in those twelve months. These are either wonderful or very bad movies, or just created a buzz, and going forward, let’s remember we’ve been talking about them this year. Which of these was in your year?

1 – ‘Parasite’ (cinema)

The South Korean film premiered in Brazilian cinemas in November 2019, but it was in early February that it consolidated worldwide by winning four Oscars, including four of the main ones: Best Picture, Best Picture foreigner, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.

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2 – ‘Sonic’ (cinema)

The “ Sonic ” live-action zum zum zum began long before it hit the big screen – in fact, it started on the day the trailer was released and audiences fell on the stick in saying that the games’ most famous porcupine had gained an odd aesthetic. Paramount has since remade the scenes for Sonic with a new aesthetic and the film ended up surprising and appealing to anyone who went to watch it in February, when we still had no idea what was going to happen.

3 – ‘Birds of Prey’ (cinema)

The long-awaited solo film Harlequin generated great expectations, but it didn’t draw the crowds into the cinema – either because it was a girl power film (which generated the discontent of many nerds) or because that the execution of the film divided opinion. critics and the public.

4 – ‘A Quiet Place 2’ (pending)

John Krasinski’s pursuit of success was set to begin in March, our editor-in-chief Renato Marafon was premiering in the US and… that’s why. In the week the movie was about to open, the world had become a truly silent place. Now, the opening of the film is scheduled for 2021.

5 – ‘The girl who killed her parents / The boy who killed my parents’ (pending)

The films have divided opinions since their announcement, for telling the story of the real-life case of Suzane Von Richthofen, who, with the help of her boyfriend and brother (the Cravinho brothers), had their parents killed. Scheduled for March, each of the films would say a point of view from the accused, but, while it didn’t make its theatrical debut, it continued to provoke it through social media. He also stayed in 2021.

6 – ‘The Well’ (Netflix)

Perhaps the first feature that everyone saw out there at the start of the pandemic, in the first week, and immediately came (and stayed) as the most watched movie on Netflix for a long time. This has caused many people to rethink their greed and the rampant consumption of food.

7 – “365 DNI” (Netflix)

One of the most controversial films of the year, either because of its theme (a handsome guy who kidnaps a pretty girl, who falls in love with him) or because of the sex scenes that are a little too realistic. Lots of people saw, blew up, commented on, and it remains among the most watched on Netflix today.

8 – “Mulan” (DisneyPlus)

Since the live-action announcement of “ Mulan ”, fans of the Warrior Princess have taken to social media due to the key points cut from the Disney cartoon. Then the cinemas closed, the film could not open, Disney was in a pool table and decided to open the film directly on its streaming platform, Disney + – causing a new controversy, because at the time DisneyPlus was not available worldwide.

9 – ‘Gabriel’s Inferno’ (Passionflix)

Millions of readers around the world have been waiting for this film’s premiere – and they weren’t disappointed. In 2020, the Passionflix platform created three films inspired by the franchise’s books, which have literally spent fans spending the whole year waiting to fall in love with the new romance film between Prof. Emerson and Julia.

10 – “ Black is king ” (Disney +)

In a year in which struggles for racial and social equality have taken to the streets around the world, “ Black is King, ” directed by singer Beyoncé for Disney +, has become a symbol of ‘a powerful black visual narrative, referenced afro and proud. .

11 – ‘The Justice League: Snyder Cut’ (HBO Max)

The movie, of course, has yet to premiere, but it was in this year 2020 that DC fans got the good news that HBO / Warner would release the Zack Snyder version for their “ The Justice League. ” . Expectations are high and the premiere is scheduled for 2021 on the HBO Max platform, which is not yet available in Brazil.

12 – “Scooby! The Movie ‘(rental on request)

Since the origins of the friendship between Scooby and Sausage were announced, geeks have been in an uproar, but in a painful decision, Warner has chosen to release the film directly to on-demand rental platforms. The film is beautiful and it has become one we all wish we could see on the big screen.

13 – ‘Tenet’ (cinema)

Christopher Nolan whistled until he couldn’t, saying he wanted it because he wanted his “Tenet” to hit movie bars. He entered, but the public did not go. And those who were, did not understand. Then the film caused a loss (since we expected to raise a lot) and now Nolan blames the public, for not going to see his film, and the producer, for not having done a miracle and for now decided to release everything on its streaming. There was a discussion that went on all year.

14 – “ SpongeBob SquarePants: The Incredible Rescue ” (Netflix)

A TV hit for years, the announcement of a new movie by Bikini Bottom’s most famous resident has thrilled fans, but given the inability to make its big-screen debut, the film is went straight to Netflix, and even bringing Keanu Reeves as a special appearance, the expectation of the film was better than the end result.

15 – ‘The Batman’ (in production)

Okay, this movie didn’t premiere in 2020, but there has been so much news released about it this year, that you can’t think of 2020 without thinking of ‘The Batman’: at the start. recordings, the first footage of Battinson, the hiatus and resumption of filming and, of course, that first trailer released on DC Fandome. Tell the truth, was it the best time in August or not?

16 – ‘Witches’ Convention’ (cinema)

The announcement of a remake of the horror classic for young people ‘Halloween Convention’ raised expectations and fear among fans of the cult version and, after a long wait, the film was released in theaters with most rooms of the world still closed, leaving a bitter taste for those who have waited so long. Those who saw it did not like it very much; those who did not see it wished they could see it.

17 – ‘Borat 2’ (Amazon Prime)

No one expected this movie, but it came and it was one of the best things of this year. Borat has returned, in the midst of the pandemic, to cast the hypocrisy that governs the US government and, well, that of other countries as well, in the face of society.

18 – ‘Babenco – Someone must hear the heart and say: arrested’ (cinemas)

Bárbara Paz’s first feature documentary in the direction, about the last days of her husband’s life – director Hactor Babenco – has been voted the film that will represent Brazil in the race for a 2021 Oscar nomination.

19 – ‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ (cinema)

Following the huge success of the first film, DC fans have been eagerly awaiting the second film. Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins came to Brazil to CCXP and the hype was up there; Theaters closed, the film won several new premiere predictions and, closing this crazy year 2020, reached Brazilian cinemas and drew 500,000 spectators in its first weekend …

It is true that no one could guess what this 2020 would be like. But, in a moment, when we review these movies on this list, we will always remember a little bit of how we were in 2020 because of these movies. that we’ve watched – or not – over the course of this year.

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